One More for the Record Books

Sunday afternoon most of us watched RG3 throw 3 more TDs than incompletions (4 TDs versus 1 incompletion.) That begs the question, "Have NFL fans ever witnessed a higher TD to incompletion differential?"

The answer is it happened once. That was 50 years ago in 1964 when the Cleveland Browns’ Frank Ryan threw 5 touchdowns versus 1 incompletion (12 of 13) for a +4 TD to incompletion differential.

Damn. RG3 didn’t set the all-time NFL record. One QB exceeded RG3’s performance. So how many NFL QBs equaled RG3’s performance (3 more TDs than incompletions)?

Like the answer to the first question, exactly one and you have to go back decades to Craig Morton 30 years ago when he threw 4 TDs to 1 incompletion (17 of 18.)

For the sake of curiosity, what's the next rung below RG'3 standing in the NFL record book? How many times has a QB thrown 2 more TDs than incompletions?

That's happened a mere 4 times in NFL history:
Fran Tarkenton, 15 of 18, 5 TDs (+2 differential)
Dave Krieg, 12 of 13, 3 TDs, (+2 differential)
Steve Young, 11 of 12, 3 TDs, (+2 differential)
Tom Brady, 21 of 25, 6 TDs, (+2 differential)

I might as well finish these stats by listing the QBs who accomplished a +1 differential:
Peyton Manning (twice)
Bob Griese
Lenny Dawson
Kenny O'Brien
Chris Chandler
Dick Shiner
Scott Hunter
Mike Buck

Sunday we watched a NFL QB throw 3 more TDs than incompletions. That's something that happens 1 out of every 7,400 NFL contests. (It's happened twice in the 14,800 NFL games, including the playoffs, played since 1920.)

It may be safe to say you saw one of the greatest NFL QB performances of all time.

One More for the Record Books
1964, Frank Ryan (4 More TDs than Incompletions)


2012, Robert Griffin III (III More TDs than Incompletions)


"You ain't seen nothin' yet
B-B-B-Baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet
Here's Something that You Never Gonna Forget
B-B-B-Baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet"

-- Rookie QB Robert Griffin III, 2012

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