First Start against Redskins

This article looks at every active quarterback (even those not on rosters that might make an appearance if injuries mount, such as Donovan McNabb) and the result in their first start against the Redskins. Overall, the Redskins are 19-27 the first time they face a currently-active quarterback

Notable wins for the Redskins include a 20-17 win against Tom Brady, a 31-7 win against Eli Manning, a 16-13 win against Aaron Rodgers, and a 22-19 win against Tony Romo. Terrible losses include 15-10 against Charlie Batch and the Lions, 19-14 against Matt Stafford and the Lions, and too many more to bother listing. Evidence would suggest that when the Redskins are facing an established quarterback for the first time, they do well, but tend to do poorly against rookie quarterbacks or those who are not established. (This is clearly a problem related to coaching, but as the 19-27 figure spans all the way back to 1995, there are a number of regimes at fault. It seems to be endemic.)

On the bright side, currently active quarterbacks making their first career start against the Redskins (as Foles will on Sunday) do not fare so well. Only four quarterbacks fit into this list: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Johnson, Donovan McNabb, and Kyle Orton. McNabb was the only one of these to win, posting a 35-28 win all the way back in 1999. Orton and Fitzpatrick both lost to the Redskins in 2005, and Johnson lost in 2009. Johnson is currently out of the league, last seen playing in the UFL.

Now for the rookie quarterback question. 19 of the 46 active quarterbacks who have started against the Redskins were rookies. The Redskins are only 7-12 in these games. Still more disturbing, under the current regime, the Redskins are 0-3 against rookie quarterbacks. The last time the Redskins beat a rookie quarterback was 2009. Broken down by coaches, the record against rookie quarterbacks is as follows:

Norv Turner: 1-1 (Beat Kerry Collins, lost to Donovan McNabb)

Steve Spurrier: 1-1 (Beat David Carr, lost to Rex Grossman)

Joe Gibbs: 4-4 (Beat Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, and Kyle Orton. Lost to Trent Edwards, Bruce Gradkowski, Ben Roethlisberger, and Vince Young)

Jim Zorn: 1-2 (Beat Josh Johnson, lost to Joe Flacco and Matthew Stafford)

Mike Shanahan: 0-3 (Losses to Newton, Bradford, and Christian Ponder)

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