Mike Shanahan - Vader or Zeus?

Ok, bare with me here. I don't know how much of this is the Disarrano talking, or if I'm really this imaginative.

I think it's pretty safe to say that Jim Haslett is probably on borrowed time as DC of this team. Whether you are in the 'Blame Haslett for all the defensive woes' camp', or not, reality is that the "architect" of a historically ad defense on a non-playoff team is most likely gonna get the ax. Personally, I think it's a given. But let's dig a little deeper into the reality of the situation.

First off, I think we all know that Mike Shanahan has been the major decision maker in choosing the players on this team. And, if we want to be honest, those choices haven't exactly been, uh, stellar. At least for the most part. Yes, he has more personnel "wins" than his predecessor. But, c'mon, does that really surprise ANYONE? On the surface, you could say that the fact that we're in most of our games until the end, so he's done an admiral job. But the elephant in the room is the fact that, without our two offensive rookies, we wouldn't be in any of these games. And that elephant's MOMMA behind him is the fact that this team is MANY PLAYERS (which, given our salary cap/draft pick situation translates to multiple off seasons) away from REALLY contending.

Now, here is where some of you think I'm gonna say its time for a staff turnover. Well, I'm not. I said the day we traded for Griffin that I think this buys Shanahan at least two more seasons worth of credit from Snyder. Well, what if two seasons isn't enough? Do we REALLY wanna go through that all too familiar upheaval again? I don't.

Full disclosure: I didn't like the Shanny signing one bit, from day 1. I just never liked the guy. That said, I have also said that, since he is here, I want him to stay. I think it's about time we had some real continuity. But is that continuity worth another two seasons of striving for .500? Well, maybe there's a way we don't have to answer that question just yet.

We all know that one of DaddyShanny's goals coming here was to help his son get one of the coveted 32 HC jobs. And we all know that "the Master Plan" was, most likely, for Mike to turn the reigns over to Kyle when he was ready to step down. Of course, the the story hasn't exactly gone as planned, as the team has struggled under the ShannyWatch.

This is where two of the great story tellers of my childhood come into play. Homer, and George Lucas. Homer wrote about Zeus, and Lucas' most famous character was Darth Vader. What may come as a surprise to some, is that the FINAL legacy of these two doesn't exactly play out as one would think. You see, both had sons. And both eventually were placed in the unenviable position of watching their sons die. While Zeus decided to stand idly by and do nothing, Vader went the opposite route and sacrificed himself to keep his son alive.

So, obviously you all know where I'm going with this now. If you're still reading, that is. So, here goes: what if Mike could make that decision? No no no, not to DIE, but to sacrifice himself (and maybe a bit of his legacy) to ensure his son gets the chance he may not ever get again - the chance to be the head coach? Would Mike be willing, OR choose himself, to step down so that his son can get the job he covets? And, maybe the bigger question, is that something we would want? On one hand, you may think "Why would we want Kyle here, if his daddy couldn't get the job done"? But, on the other hand, one could surmise that our prized rookie(s) would be much better off with that all-to-elusive continuity. Kyle could take FULL control of the offense (for better or worse), thus letting everyone know exactly who's running it. He could also pick a defensive coordinator that might be a little more fresh in the idea department, and a little less 'been around the league, done nothing spectacular'. In other words, someone more 'up and coming' than 'recycled rental'.

Ok, I had more to say, but I forgot. This will due.

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