Old School Vs. New School Revisited

So, we are getting ready to enter the half way point of the season. With seven games under our play making rookie quarterback's belt, I thought it would be a good time to revisit an article that Tiller56 wrote back in April. The idea of the article was to try and figure out what school of thought on building a team you aligned yourself with the most, Old school or New School, and then choose one of those options in a poll. Since everybody loves a poll, I have included the original poll question for your voting pleasure.

I would highly suggest you check out the original article and comments. There is background info on Tiller and some of your favorite posters.

In order to make things easier I am going to include the Old School and New School definitions here for easy reference.

Old School - Sound line play, both offensively and defensively, wins games. The "old" approach that the game is won in the trenches holds true. The mentality here is the team should be build up front first, and the emphasis should be put on a sound running game, good pass protection, and great defense. Fans who may fall into this category, may also lean more heavily on the "defense wins championships" mentality. The skill positions do not have to be flashy, but rather solid, and the lack of big-time play makers can be off-set with solid positional players who excel in fundamentals. If you can't protect your QB, and open up lanes for your RB, than all else will fail.

New School - Dynamic play makers in the skill positions may hide some of the weaknesses of a team up front. This mentality may hold true for both sides of the ball, although it is more prevalent on offense. Fans who fall in this category put a greater emphasis on big play makers, and believe the offensively line does not have to be great, but able to get the job done. This is a high-risk, high-reward type of mentality. Some of the fans of this approach would rather watch a game in which their team wins 35-30, vs. a game where the team wins 17-10. The team may not be as fundamentally sound as some would like, but the big plays the team is capable of producing off-set the slight deficiencies. Fans of this approach may favor the new "passing NFL" to your fathers old school, grind-it-out mentality.

Which school of thought are you closer to? Obviously, many will want to say they fall somewhere in the middle, but for this post, try and see what approach you favor most, and place yourself into that school. Tell us where you fit and why. If you are comfortable sharing, tell the readers when you became a Redskins fan, and who were some of the players you idolized. Add your age if you wish.

I have also included the last paragraph in its entirety for those new members that would like to share and for the old members that didn't share last time but would like to now.

I did this post because I was curious to see if some people have been swayed by our current team. Remember this is just your personal opinion. There is no wrong answer. Perhaps it is a little of both for you, let us know the percentage.

Without further delay here is your poll question.

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