Richmond Training Camp Location - Scouting Report

While I've never attended a training camp (which will change in a few months), I've worked literally a stone's throw from the new location for the last decade. Since they made the announcement official this morning, I thought I'd share some info about the spot and its surroundings for the out-of-towners.

The Spot

The property is in the 2700 block of W Leigh Street, on the south side of the block north of the Science Museum. I thought the plan was to use the north side of the street at the old state parking lot but apparently that would be too logical. The easiest access from all points is the Boulevard exit off I-95. If you've ever been to the Diamond, you know the area.


There is roadside parking on Leigh street but I would be surprised if there weren't some limitations to that in the plan. The Science Museum and DMV stay pretty full even without the camp here. Movieland has a huge albeit private parking lot across the street. If I had to wager and knowing the 'Skins, I'd expect to pay to park at the Diamond and if I'm lucky there'll be a shuttle down to Leigh St.

The Area

The surrounding blocks are not historically known for their family atmosphere but a lot has changed over the last few years with the Squirrels moving in. I can't recommend straying north of the Diamond nor east of Brook Rd. There's fast food within walking distance on Boulevard and Broad St but as long as you're here, you might as well wander over to Buzz and Ned's. The bars are mostly going to be outside of walking range down into the Fan or west on Broad. I suspect, however, that the derelict building in the Movieland lot will be turned into a restaurant/bar before training camp starts.


Having been in all the local ones for work, I'd look east of 3rd St (Downtown) or west of Thompson (West End) before booking a room. For many, however, Richmond is an easy day trip.

Other Attractions

My family gets a kick out of the Science and Kid's Museums which are adjacent to the camp location. The Virginia Museum of Fine Art isn't much further. Beyond that, there's the usual history, railroads and river stuff that's in any travel brochure (not to belittle that stuff, I love it, but it's all pretty well known).

I'm very excited for my 'Skins to be coming to town and I'm sure I won't be eating any lunches at my desk while they're here. At the same time, I'm still waiting for the parties involved to screw it up somehow. I guess that's just park of a 'Skins fan mentality

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