Daily Slop: Robert Griffin III Cleared for Redskins Practice; Kerrigan Responds To ‘C’Mon Man!’ Nod

Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


Holden & Danny: Wilson Says Robert Griffin III Needs To Be More Careful " CBS DC
"This team is very dependent on him [Robert Griffin III]…maybe next time just run out of bounds," said Wilson. "He’s just trying to get every yard, every inch because he’s a competitor."

Ryan Kerrigan is good. And smart. – Blogging the bEast
This looks like it’s basic football recognition here, and to some degree, it is. But most defensive ends would simply chase the QB. Ryan Kerrigan is disciplined beyond his age (24). Smart player, and maybe the Redskins’ best player on defense.

Washington Redskins Offseason Additions Coming Up Short: | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
The Washington Redskins broke camp this year with a 53 man roster that had 18 new players that they either signed or drafted that weren't with the team in 2011 (either on the 53 man roster or practice squad).Of those new players, many were thought to play significant if not starting roles on this team. Yet with the exception of a few key players, the Washington Redskins haven't gotten positive early returns from these new additions, and haven't come close to seeing these guys meet their expectations.

alfred morris: an improbable redskins hero | One-stop shopping for completely biased opinions and half truths about the sports franchises of our nation's capital.
"I took a liking to the Broncos and the talented running backs they had," Morris said. "And I really liked Clinton Portis because he had done such a good job for them, so when they traded him for [cornerback] Champ Bailey, I just followed him to Washington."

The Redskins Blog | Kerrigan Responds To ‘C’Mon Man!’ Nod
Kerrigan issued the following statement in response to his "C’Mon Man!" debut: "I regret that the Redskins fans had to witness myself in their beloved burgundy and gold on ESPN Monday Night Countdown’s weekly feature "C’Mon Man!" I’m terribly embarrassed for the team, the fans and my family. Moving forward, I will choose to launch all 260 pounds of my Redskins heft into at least the third row, subjecting myself and others to harm so that this incident does not repeat itself.

Report: Robert Griffin III cleared for Redskins practice - NFL.com
Robert Griffin III reportedly will practice with the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, just three days after suffering a mild concussion in a loss to the Atlanta Falcons. But is he ready?

Need to Know: RG3 is day to day
Need to Know: While the fact that Robert Griffin III will practice today is a good sign, there are more hurdles to clear before he is able to play on Sunday.

Redskins' Kirk Cousins eager to fix mistakes if given another chance - Washington Times
"As a quarterback, you have to take the good with the bad, but I would just call them two critical errors," Cousins said Monday. "Besides those two plays, beyond that, it was good football, but those two critical errors are what quarterbacks get killed on. You’ve got to avoid those. I will learn from those and be a much better quarterback after going through that."

Will concussion change Robert Griffin III’s approach? - The Washington Post
"When you get out in the open field and you’re running and you see three guys coming," said Green, who retired after the ’08 season, "instead of saying, ‘Okay, I’m going to get this first down,’ it’s more: ‘You know what? It really doesn’t give me much of an advantage to go against these two or three guys.’

Redskins - Falcons Film Review: OFFENSE - Washington Times
On his first carry, an 11-yard gain on a toss left, he set up WR Joshua Morgan’s downfield block of S Thomas DeCoud by getting as close to WR Pierre Garcon’s back as possible before cutting upfield. DeCoud overran the cutback a bit, which positioned Morgan to block him. (Garcon was engaged with CB Dunta Robinson on the perimeter.)

RG3 Report: Falcons review | WashingtonExaminer.com
Griffin had his least impact on a game. Ninety one yards passing and seven rushing in nearly three full quarters isn’t much of a help. It was a rather blah game for him. He didn’t make big mistakes; he didn’t make big plays. This offense just moves better when his legs are part of the play — whether as a runner or, better yet, as a threat.

How do you feel about the Redskins’ FedEx Field blues?
The Vikings, 4-1 record aside, are a team Redskins fans would probably feel pretty good about their chances against, especially considering Sunday’s game is in Maryland and not Minnesota. But home field hasn’t provided much of an advantage lately: The Redskins are 0-2 this season, 2-8 since the start of 2011, and 4-14 since the beginning of 2010, when Mike Shanahan took over. Those last two figures are each worst in the NFL.

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