Latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft (6 Rounds)

Hey guys I wanted to share my latest Mock Draft. I did 6 full rounds and you can find the entire Mock Draft here! Let me know your thoughts: HTTR!

1. OT Riley Reiff- Now I didn't project any trades, but even if I did I wouldn't recommend trading up for Griffin. Likely trading back will be the best alternative choice, but taking Reiff would be a huge addition to the Skins.

2. QB Ryan Tannehill- Shanny will get a first hand look at Tannehill at the Senior Bowl and I think he's one of the best fits for our system. They'd probably need to trade up (or trade back from the 1st round) to get him, but it's possible Tannehill falls to the 2nd.

3. FS Robert Lester- Lester hasn't declared yet, but with Landry a question mark going forward, and Atogwe not much more of a sure thing, adding an early safety could be a good play for the Skins. Lester is great in coverage and has good size as well to help in run support.

4. WR Stephen Hill- Hill's declaring for the draft was a bit of a surprise, but could end up being a steal for someone. He's got incredible size and athletic ability, but could fall to the 4th round given how raw he is in Georgia Tech's option offense.

4. CB Trumaine Johnson- The FCS CB has big upside, but his lower level competition and a run in with the police could have him falling into the 4th round. Most reports are that Johnson is a good guy, and his incident is an isolated event. He's got great upside and could eventually be this team's number 1 CB.

5. G Kelvin Beachum- He's not going to be the type of guy to start early, but he's a former tackle and has some solid upside.

6. CB Omar Bolden- Bolden was probably a 3rd or 4th round pick heading into the year, but he missed the season due to injury. If he checks out medically he could be a great 6th round steal and should at least be a nickel corner going forward.

6. QB B.J. Coleman- The Redskins should look to add a 2nd QB either late in the draft or UDFA. Coleman is a guy with great athleticism and size. He's got some nice upside, but could fall given the fact that he played at the FCS level. He'd be a great developmental QB for the Skins.

So what do you think?

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