Daily Slop: Jammal Brown Contract is Redskins Friendly; Ryan Kerrigan Mic'd Up


Jammal Brown’s future hinges on offseason rehab - The Insider
Only this past season’s $2.75 million base salary was guaranteed, and to carry him on the 2012 roster would mean a $4.6 million salary cap hit. (The Redskins would suffer a cap hit of $4.4 million if they cut Brown before June 1, but if they cut him after that date, the cap hit for 2012 would be only $1.1 million, and $3.3 million of it would be deferred to 2013).

NFL Videos: Sound FX: Ryan Kerrigan
Curious what it's like to be a rookie in the NFL? We have your inside access as Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan was wired up for the Week 16 game vs. the Vikings. (This is great stuff, H/T Homer McFanboy)

Anthony Armstrong aims to apply lessons of 2011 season - The Insider
"You have to make sure you’re more consistent. Do it every time, and not just flashing here and there."

HomerMcFanboy " 2011 redskins season in photos
Some great photos in here. The Grossman one coming out of the tunnel is perfect.

Daniel Snyder’s tough season — with the media - Erik Wemple - The Washington Post
More astonishing than the revelations in the Wise piece was the failure of other Redskins beat reporters to hop on the story. Few outlets, it seemed, wanted to push these revelations into another news cycle, even though the piece contained hints of shadiness concerning the hiring of Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Searches on the Internet and Nexis turned up little in the way of substantive follow-ups.

The Redskins’s division title drought - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Redskins have not scored 35+ points in 92 games. If you exclude OT, their streak is actually 97 games.

The Redskins Blog | Coach Open To All Options For Playmakers
Shanahan: Everyone wants a franchise QB, but there aren’t enough to go around:

The Mike Shanahan Redskins vs. The Pete Carroll Seahawks: A memoir on rebuilding efforts | January

The Redskins Blog | Rocca Came Here To Win A Championship
I'm sure the paycheck doesn't help.

The Redskins Blog | Olsen Headed To The Saints, NFC Playoffs
Earlier this week, he was officially signed to the 53-man playoff roster of the New Orleans Saints.

The Redskins Blog | Season Ending Power Rankings Roundup
Ended up around #26....went as high as #10.

HomerMcFanboy " ryan kerrigan is most valuable redskin
"I think I got more comfortable in the system," Kerrigan said. "I still need to get more comfortable and get better at rushing out of a two-point stance because, right now, I’d say that was my biggest flaw. That’s really something I’m gonna emphasize in the offseason. I want to work on being in the two-point stance and being a more productive player on two feet."

2011 PFF Rookie of the Year | ProFootballFocus.com
Khaled Elsayed reveals the Pro Football Focus Rookie of the Year. (Kerrigan doesn't even crack 10).

Redskins made some big strides on defense, but there's more work to do | Washington Examiner
Skins still need a third cornerback who can play inside. Kevin Barnes did not play well in the slot. Gomes proved he is not a starting SS (yet).

Redskins: Five to watch on defense | Washington Examiner
Atogwe is not fast and did not prevent many big plays. He will be only 31 in June, but some teams felt he was done two years ago.

Report: Vincent Jackson unlikely to get franchise tag | ProFootballTalk
Chargers don’t want to devote that kind of money to a receiver when they have several other holes to fill.

Jerry Jones Repeatedly Insists That Tony Romo Was The Fourth-Best Quarterback In The NFL This Year
Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: sometimes numbers don't tell the whole story.

Jets Backup QB Greg McElroy Slams "Selfish" Teammates In Radio Interview
claiming multiple teammates "didn't care if we won or lost."

We have our first ‘Robert Griffin III over Andrew Luck’ voice - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Tony Dungy.

Bill Polian regrets not having backup plan for Indianapolis Colts - ESPN
"I've always told the staff that our approach should be to hope for the best but plan for the worst, and I didn't do an adequate enough job of planning for the circumstances we were in," Polian said in a phone interview. "It led to this catastrophe."

With Reid silent on Castillo, Spagnuolo is interested in returning to Philly | ProFootballTalk
Spagnuolo plans to coach in 2012, and that he "would be interested in any opening that might occur with the Eagles."

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