Idea for the draft

So our draft picks are 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round, 2 4th rounds, 1 5th round, 1 6th round, and 1 7th round pick. I got that all from here with notes being there:

Now our value for all these picks is for the 1st round 6th overall is 302.4. Considering the first pick is 496.6 points that is a HUGE difference. Also Andrew Luck sort of breaks this as well, multiply 496.6 by about 10 and that's the real worth of this year's draft pick. I am not for that at all. I think it is stupid that the Colts can get Peyton Manning with one bad year and then have another bad year and have the worst year and pick up the best prospect since Peyton Manning. My strategy for this draft is to trade down if these conditions are existing:
RGIII is gone
Claiborne is gone
Blackmon is gone
Kalil is gone

The chances of all these people being gone are pretty high but if one person is high on Richardson (as they should be because he is a beast) then we have a chance for any four of those and we just draft any one of these four.

Now let us say that we have these people gone. What is left?
Richardson, Reiff, Martin to name a few. Now I do not have such strong feelings for Reiff for unknown reasons (even to me) but I just do not see him as a legitimate prospect. Martin though I believe is higher ranked than him.

For position rankings of what we need the most at first is without a doubt DB. We just cannot get beaten. We need a good DB. Now a consideration for this pick should be Chase Minniefield of Virginia (trade back needed as he is too high for 6th pick). With Kirkpatrick being kind of enough to get a charge for marijuana possession and Janoris Jenkins going to D II for another charge I cannot remember, Minniefield fits a nice picture.

As a Cavalier fan, I have seen Minniefield play this year and he rocked. During the Georgia Tech game he asked the coaches to be a one-man island vs the top receiver of GT who at that time was leading in YAC with over 20 yd's per catch. Now granted GT is an option team that throws the ball about 5 times a game and the receiver was targeted twice. One of those times, Minniefield picked it off and the other was an incomplete. He can run as low as a 4.38 40 which is great. His character is unquestionable as he won an off-the-field award on something I cannot remember (sorry). He is coming off an injury which he did not participate in the Chick-Fil-A bowl and Senior Bowl. It isn't as serious as a neck injury though.

There is talk that we need a DL but I have no problem with our DL. Bowen and Cofield are great players and Jenkins is coming back and will beast. He is coming back, first injury of his career. Seriously. Neild would be a great part of the rotation that will destroy OL's. Carriker if he would like 2-3 million would be another piece to the puzzle.

Remember that time when we had one of the best O-Lines in the whole NFL? Yea, me too. We need depth and if we spent a 1-3 round on a guy I would not object. Hell, 2 picks would be great.

Time for controversy. After RG III and Luck there are no real legitimate QB prospects. I believe next year would be a great pick-up though *cough Barkley cough Landry cough* If you want my reason for Landry, one word: Bradford.
Same college, and look how Bradford did.

So time for my mock draft

Round 1: Shanahan looks at the remaining people with the 6th pick and sees one name that sticks out: Richardson. He likes him but he knows that he already has two young RB's in Roy Helu and Evan Royster and decides to trade back...
Yes Hello, this is the Green Bay Packers. We would like to pull an Atlanta Falcons and send our 1st, 2nd, 4th, next year's 1st and 4th next year to you.
Shanahan ponders this and agrees.

Side note reason: Grant their RB is 29 and being a FA this year. He wants big bucks but he is about to hit 30 so yea. They have other RB's but a chance to take Trent Richardson? An all-around beast, great back? Urge is quite big. This might help them establish a ground game and get to the Super Bowl next year.

So now we drop to the 27th pick (oh the horror!) and with this pick the Shanahan's pick: STEPHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE out of South Carolina. A physical CORNER-BACK that should be being at least the third CB on the depth chart meaning he will see a lot of playing time.

2nd pick 6th overall: DWAAAAAAAAYNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEE ALLLLLLLLLENNNNNNNNNNNNN (TE) out of Clemson. This is probably a Fred Davis pick without the drug suspensions. If Cooley gets injured or Davis gets one more suspension (season-ending next) This would be a great pick-up as he is a great TE.
After taking the NFL world by surprise by actually building for the future and not shooting for veterans right away and this being talked to death it is time for day 2.

2nd pick 27th pick:

MARRRRRRRRRRKKKKKLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE MARTINNNNNNNNNNNNNN (FS) out of Oklahoma State. He is a physical DB that with Gomes shall be a great tandem. This can also help bolster the position if Laron Landry leaves.

That are some of my picks.
Maybe we should address Nate Potter OT as our 3rd round pick with Acho being our other other pick (ILB) but that are some of my thoughts.



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