My off season plan (for now )

Now that our season is officially over I think we need to take stock in what we have .

The qb position is our greatest need . We had a whopping 31 turnovers alone there so I cant see keeping Rex or Beck . T he solution is draft a qb (if they fall ) in round one or sign a free agent (Flynn) and draft a (foles in round 2) . I would hate having to trade up with so many holes to fill.

The Rb situation is solid , resign Hightower , keep Helu and royster, keep young and cut sellars

Wr and Te Keep Moss, Gafney , Hankerson , Paul , Cooley , Davis and Paulson . Bring Robinson into camp . I would surely sign a free agent WR , draft perhaps one , and draft a TE as insurance for Cooley and Davis .

The O/line, I keep Williams at LT , I keep lictenstieger (for now ) , i look for a new center , i keep Chester , I keep Hurt and Smith for depth and I draft a center an OG and a OT . I let Cook and Montgomery go and I look to free agency for a center and possible Lg

On special teams I draft competion for Banks , I bring in competion for Gano and I thank God for Rocca. Our special teams had a whopping 5 blocked kicks so I would show Danny Smith the door .

On defense i would look at my D/line I wouild keep Bowens , Cofield , Carriker, Jenkins and bring Balmer to camp . I would keep Nield as well . I would cut lose Golston .

At LB i would keep Kerrigan, Rak ,LBF , Riley , Alexander, White / Jackson . I would show Rocky the door and draft an ILB to groom for fletcher

On the secondary , i keep Wilson, Barnes , OJ (difficult swallow ) LL and Gomes . I show doughty and Hall the door(if you cut him now you save cap space later) I would draft a CB or safety and if I couldnt draft any i would sign a few as free agents .

Now I wouldnt sign any free agent over the age of 27 . We started to get away from that last season and it should continue because our free agent haul and draft haul were very good .

I would value future draft picks and avoid Trading up and would look at trading down if our guy is not there when we pick. If we cant work a trade then simply draft the best player we can at a position of need .

Hers is my draft assuming the top 2 qbs are gone and I dont personally account for trading down in my mocks . I like to deal with "Knowns " as best as i can .

1) Blackmon , he should be a playmaker we need at wr and with him teaming up with Hankerson should be very good . If he is gone then look at either Jefferey, or go Rielly

2) Nick Foles qb This is somewhat high and the grief i get from this can be justified . However I think this guy has done more with less then any qb in the country . I think he has Cutler talent without the baggage . The combine will sort it out aqs will the senior bowl , so if he doesnt look good then you pass

3) Levy Adcock OT 6-5 318 lbs . He should solve the issue at OT . Now if his stock goes up then look at simply drafting the position

4) Ryan Miller OG 6-8 310 lbs very mobile

5) Tank Carder ILB , 6-2 237LBS Needs some bulk but he is around the ball a lot

6) Trumaine Johnson , CB 6-2 205 , great size good speed , small college

6) Ty Hilton WR/KR 5 9 178 lbs , Banks speed with more potential to contribute on offense

7) Russell Wilson QB He does a lot of things well , has a good arm , has high character but he is short . I would take a flier on him here

That is how I see it but it is subject to change pending combines, SR. Bowls and Free agency .

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