Matt Flynn's Value: Defined by the Dolphins



The Redskins QB debate, that began when Rex Grossman threw 4 interceptions against the Eagles in week 6, will continue to rage on until moves are made in FA (March) and in the 2012 NFL Draft (April). Matt Flynn, soon to be FA back-QB from Green Bay, has been an often-referenced subject of this debate.

Some believe he would be an affordable stop-gap QB for the Redskins while the FO continues the rebuild. Others believe he would come at a price that far exceeds his worth, and prefer to see another QB take the reins in 2012. A thought crossed my head this morning: The debate will be settled by the actions take by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins will set the bar for Matt Flynn's value.

With the hiring of Joe Philbin, former OC for the Packers, as the new Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, many feel as if the short-term fate of Matt Flynn is sealed: His former coach will surely scoop him up in FA to run his offense in Miami. While this may or may not be true, Philbin's hiring outside of the Packers organization gives the rest of the NFL a golden opportunity to assess the value of Matt Flynn through the actions taken by his former coach.

To present extreme examples: If the Dolphins offer big money to Flynn, it provides a glowing endorsement from Philbin that he believes Flynn is ready to start and succeed in the NFL. In contrast, if the Dolphins shy away from Flynn, it should provide a ringing alarm to the rest of the league that Flynn's former coach does not want him running his offense in Miami.

There is plenty of gray-area in between. There will be negotiations and posturing, and nothing will be so cut and dry. But in short, if the Redskins coaches are sold on Matt Flynn as a potential starting QB, they should not have to blindly gauge his market value. Flynn's value should be determined by whatever the Dolphins offer.

If Philbin drives hard to get Flynn with a big contract, the Redskins will have a tough decision to make if they wish to outbid. But if the Dolphins shy away from Flynn at all, the Redskins should be very weary of investing much of anything in a QB who would be unwanted by his former coach.


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