Sign em, Cut em

Time to play off season GM. The Redskins have many needs to fill during this off season and it starts in house. It's time to decide who we keep, who we cut, who we let walk. Today I'll go over the Offense and sometime later this week I'll do the Defense.

First lets start with our roster as is right now.


Neither Rex Grossman or John Beck is tenured for next year its obvious we need a QB on this team and we need a veteran on this team, my guess is we sign Rex Grossman and let Beck walk


Tim Hightower is a free agent, we have two promising young backs in Helu and Royster but a third is most likely needed. I'd say sign Hightower but have him be a third down pass blocker, no reason to hinder the development of these young guys by playing a older RB. Or maybe we could get a 3 headed monster going. HellRoyTower!


Clearly an area of need for the Washington Redskins, yet we have so many of them. Jabar Gaffney is not under contract for next year, we need to bring him back. if nothing else the Redskins should use him as a ploy to bring female fans to fill the stadium on game day, that way we'll have some fans right?

Santana Moss, sadly his time as a Redskin is limited he has nearly a 6.5 Million cap hit next year, on top of one of the worst seasons for a WR in the NFL in terms of drops. I don't want to see Moss go but I'd like him as more of a slot receiver.

Leonard Hankerson, He is obviously under contract for next year and hopefully he can continue to make strides in the off season and become a solid number 2. If he can really progress as a WR I see no reason why we can't have him as a 2 and bring in somebody like Dwayne Bowe to be our #1. However DB wont be nearly as cheap as Jabar, but he could be the burner that this team desperately needs.

Niles Paul, like above for Hankerson, he's coming back and hopefully can

make a push to get more catches this year. I also see him returning punts next year too.

Brandon Banks, is not under contract for next year, I can assume he'll be gone (and the Parks debates about him will be as well).

Anthony Armstrong, not under contract I don't see him hear next year, which really puts a glaring need on the team for a burner. Leonard Hankerson ran a decent 40 but many have argued that he doesn't really play that fast.


Cooley is under contract for next year but has failed to stay healthy for the past few years. His contract is also due for a 6 million dollar hit next season. That's the 5th highest cap hit on the team, for an aging injury prone (as of late) old style TE. I love Cooley as much as the next guy but he needs to restructure his contract and stay healthy for him to stay in Washington. He does have something working to his advantage though.

Fred Davis, has finally become the TE he was drafted to be. He has also become known for failing drug tests. He is not under contract but his recent drug testing history gives us the advantage of bringing him back on the cheap. Davis might not like it so it could be a very high incentive based contract, one that favors the team if he fails another test.

Logan Paulsen, not under contract for next year, he's a great blocker and has shown at times he can be a good big man to go to on the check downs. If nothing else bring him back for injury reasons for Cooley and insurance for Fred.


Trent Williams and Fred Davis have grown to be great buds here in Washington, however they need to quit smoking buds for the safety of our QB next year. While Trent Williams hasn't lived up to his 4th overall draft pick he is the best lineman we have on the team.

Backups along this line can become confusing with everyone being swapped all over depending on who is hurt, and honestly I don't think any of the backups will be cut, unless we draft someone high in April. I see Willie Smithback here next year possibly competing for a starting job at RT and he may even be handed that job if we let Brown walk. That wouldn't bother me at all.


Kory Lichtenstiger, Trent Williams really liked playing next to him, he drew a 15 yard penalty for him earlier in the season sticking up for him. He may be coming off an injury in a contract year but I see Mike resigning him. Look for us to pursue other Gs in free agency though notably Ben Grubbs, however I see Baltimore locking him up due to their own line issues.


Will Montgomery, wasn't listed at I have received all of this contract information from so I am unsure of his contract. However I cant see us purging our offensive line in the off season unless we spend a 1 and 2 on OLmen in the draft.


Chris Chester, Will be the starting RG in 2012 he played pretty solid all year long.


This is the position that I am most curious about heading into 2012. Jamal Brown played horribly last year, I see him being cut or forced to compete with Willie Smith or a draft pick we bring in. I don't see this position being stable in the 2012 season.

Biggest area of need, the Redskins obviously need help along the O-line in 2012 but they have more pressing needs as well. The quarterback is still in question as well are the WRs. We only have 1 tall guy in Hankerson and he was just progressing in the NFL when he got hurt. If we don't resign Gaffney that leads me to believe we will be targeting a big FA WR and if we don't do that look for us to draft Blackmon, Jeffery, Floyd or Toon in the first two rounds.

I see the Washington Redskins trading back to the early teens in this draft (or trying to at least) to grab an extra second rounder. In this scenario it gives us the ability to bring in a first round WR in Floyd or Jeffery. A QB where he should be taken in the early second in Tannehill and the ability to get a starting caliber RT, all in the first two rounds. This also protects us from a QB who busts because we had an extra second rounder. Leave your thoughts below.

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