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I know most people will disagree with everything I write today but I have always wanted to post my own Redskins 7-Round mock draft. Every year I get in the draft mood and can't help myself but start looking into prospects that I could get my hopes on. This year I feel like the first 4 rounds, if we pick the right people, could make us a contender.

I hear a lot of talks and have looked at a lot of mock drafts and it is frustrating. There are so many different ideas of how the draft will play out. There are many options that are being thrown around so to sum them up we have; the trade back option, the trade it all away for one player option, the take the best player available option, the take a OL option, the take a DB option, and the take what we need option.

Option 1: Trade Back

I am not against the trade back option but I don't think Shanahan has the luxury to trade back this year. This will most likely be the year that defines Shanahan's time with Washington as either a failure or success. Also, who would we trade back to? I know a lot of people are hoping we would get the kind of deal that the Browns got last year from Atlanta so they could acquire Julio Jones. However, that is a lot to hope for.

Option 2: Trade It ALL

Now I am oppose to this idea because when I say trade it ALL I mean trade it ALL. We would be going backwards back to the Vinny and Snyder era where we trade everything away to acquire one player. If we trade up I say we go for gold, in this case Luck (but we all know Indy is not moving from this spot). In order to get the number two or three spot for RG3 we would have to give up a 1st rounder this year and next year plus a 2nd and a latter round pick. I think the kid is amazing and honestly I would love to have him but to give up so many future starters for one player is a big risk. We don't even know if RG3 will be the future, nothing is set in stone. RG3 may be a bust and if we trade the farm to get him we could be in for a long depressing future trying to get out of the mess. Besides every year there is a player that is a must have and next year it will be Matt Barkley and Landry Jones.

Option 3: BPA

I have nothing against this idea either but I can't see us going defense with our #6 pick again. We have already solidified our defense and it is now our offense to get the overhaul.

Option 4: Draft OL

Now I see a lot of Mocks with us drafting a OG or OT. This just can't happen. Honestly our OL was not all that bad. Trent was solid at LT and he still needs to learn some things (like not smoking weed) but has shown great improvement. Kory L. was great at LG as long as he comes back strong we are good. We need a new C (no offense Will M.) but drafting a new C in the latter rounds or FA would go a long way. Chris Chesters was solid all year round and Jamal Brown showed promise toward the end of the season. I could see a replacement for Brown but not through the draft. My main problem with drafting a OT with #6 is that most teams that do draft a OL in the first round is either solid everywhere else or has a serious need for one. We neither have a serious need or are solid everywhere else. The Redskins have more pressing holes to fill.

Option 5: Draft DB or RB

Again More Pressing Holes To Fill Than DB or RB. Our problems at DB can be fixed with FA or drafting a project player that can learn. Our RB have been the best I have seen in years. With Helu, Royster, and maybe Hightower in the backfield our RB position is well covered with talent.

Option 6: Draft What We NEED!!

This is my favorite option. We have so many needs and it is not just QB. We need QB, WR,OT, C and those are just the ones we need fixing ASAP. We also still need a ILB this year or next to replace Fletcher when he retires. I think Jamie Dukes a NFL Channel Analyst said it best when he said...

"There's a saying that states a house divided against itself cannot stand, and although it's admirable that a coach like Mike Shanahan wants to position his son to be his successor, success must first occur. THE SKINS NEED A QUARTERBACK... Jamie's Judgment: Draft the best available offensive skill players."

Though Jamie says we need a QB he also says Draft the best available skill player like a WR.

SO after all that ranting (geez I feel so much better getting that all off my chest) here is my 7- round Mock for the Washington Redskins.

P.S. Oh and I do apologize that the later rounds have a lot of OR options at the position it just gets so difficult to mock in the later rounds when you have limited scouting resources so far away from Draft day. Also since I am not doing a full 7 round mock for every team so most likely most of these later players will be gone before the Redskins get there so in the later round I have given many options just in case. Or at the very least you have a idea of what position they should draft.

Round 1

WR Michael Floyd

Floyd has a dynamic skill set that makes him a mismatch nightmare against defenders. The senior was Notre Dame's most valuable weapon in 2011 and demanded lots of coverage. Despite the extra coverage he caught 95 passes for 1,106 yards and 8 TD's for the season. " Floyd might rank as the best pass catcher in college football since Larry Fitzgerald." Floyd has fantastic size, speed, quickness, and body control. He has displayed unbelievable ball skills and makes amazing acrobatic catches look easy. There are questions about his top speed. However, he is rarely ever caught from behind and runs like a beast after the catch. He looks like a true No.1 receiver in the NFL and the Redskins could use a threat like him to greatly help our offense.

Round 2

QB Nick Foles

Foles had a rough season due to the lack of a capable defense. He was often left in a shootout position. Foles completed 69 percent of his passes despite the shootouts situations. He threw for 4,334 yard with 28 TD's and only 14 INT's (most of his INT's came from the late game shootouts where he started to force passes). Foles also has a bad knack for locking onto one receiver for too long and did not make his proper progressions. Foles has a big arm and would be considered a pocket passer but his mobility is greatly under rated. He will not dazzle you with his speed but will be able to run for positive yard if necessary. Foles has great accuracy, ball placement and high football IQ make him an interesting candidate as a potential franchise player.

QB Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill will enter the draft with only 20 starts at QB and Tannehill still needs to make up for a lot of lost time to learn the mental necessities of the position. Tannehill has a special skill set, but he is going to need a lot of grooming at the professional level. For the season, he completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,744 yards with 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. Tannehill is an excellent athlete and is extremely dangerous running with the football because of his days as a WR. Tannehill has a strong arm with the potential to grow into an accurate passer. However, in my opinion his lack of starts and need to make up lost time at the position means he will need to sit behind a experienced QB and the Redskins do not have that luxury.

Round 3

ILB Tank Carder

I previously had Kevin Reddick here at round 3. However, it seems i was wrong and found that Reddick didn't declare so. So Now I am torn from Tank Carder and Audie Cole. Tank is a rougher prospect and Cole could rise to the second round if he impresses in the Senior Bowl. I already know many are praising Cole during the 1st Senior Bowl practice. So I am going to assume Audie Cole will be gone before our pick in the third round.

Tank Carder is a big solid OLB with great instincts, speed to attack sideline to sideline, and solid tackling technique. He shows a knack for taking the correct angles to the ball and attacks blockers directly to fill gaps. He has shown that he can attack the gaps and If he can add some weight could take on NFL caliber linemen. Tank does good in pass coverage and has speed to cover running backs out of the back field. Good blitzer and uses his hand well to fight off blockers. Tank is a very aggressive tackler and shows good form and has the agility to prevent being eluded. Tank is a team leader on and off the field, plays with fiery attitude. Tank could learn a lot from Fletcher and could be a great in a year.

Round 4

C David Molk

Molk was an excellent college player, Molk is a fast and mobile blocker who did a good job of opening up holes and protecting his quarterback. Molk is very undersized, at the next level, Molk will have to be in a zone-blocking scheme so he will fit Shanny's zone-blocking scheme.


C Garth Gerhart

Gerhart is quick and athletic and it allows him to be effective when pulling. Gerhart also isn't afraid to get physical and fights through the whistle. He is a better run blocker than pass blocker. Gerhart needs to improve his awareness but his athleticism could make him a good fit for Shanny's zone-blocking scheme.

Round 4

OL Quentin Saulsber

Saulsberry is a versatile player who has logged time at four of the five offensive line positions. He was the starter at right guard ,left guard, and right tackle. In the NFL, Saulsberry could stay at center at his current weight. If he moves to guard, he will need to add some more bulk and power to his game. At the very least, Saulsberry should be a versatile backup for game days.


OT Don Barclay

Barclay is athletic and has quick feet he has been a solid blindside protector, and is a suitable run blocker. Barclay is a quality sleeper prospect he is probably better served on the right side at the NFL level.


OT Tanner Hawkinson

Tanner Hawkinson is quick, athletic, and matches up well with pass rushers. It would be good to see him add some strength and power for the NFL.


OT Josh Oglesby

Oglesby's has shown surprising mobility to get downfield while also executing in the run game.

Round 5

CB Omar Bolden

Bolden has had some injury issues his last season Bolden had three interceptions with seven passes broken up, 52 tackles, and averaged 29.2 yards per kick return with a touchdown. He is known as a leader and high-character individual the type Shanny and Allen love. Bolden was once considered a 1st/2nd round pick before his injuries and if he can get over the injuries then he could be a steal.


CB Trevin Wade

Wade had a rough because the Arizona defense was awful but he stood out above his teammates. For the season, Wade had 52 tackles with 13 passes broken up and two interceptions.


CB Isaiah Frey

Frey had totaled five interceptions with 37 tackles and 16 passes broken this season. Frey is a quality sleeper prospect who could be developed at the NFL level in a year or two.


CB Cameron Chism

Chism had 47 tackles with two tackles for a loss, three interceptions, one forced fumble, and four passes broken up this year.

Round 6

FS Jerrell Young

Young has 51 tackles with three tackles for a loss, two passes broken up, one forced fumble and two interceptions. Young has a still raw skill set but could be developed in the NFL.

Round 7

DE Matt Conrath

Conrath has 64 tackles with 11 tackles for a loss, two forced fumbles and two sacks. Conrath has the physical make-up and skill set to potentially be a 3-4 defensive end where he could control his gap and stuff the run on the edge of the line.


DE Patrick Butrym

Butrym has 22 tackles with 3.5 tackles for loss, one sack and one forced fumble this season. He was strong at the line of scrimmage. Butrym doesn't have the size or quickness to be an interior pass rusher but with his size and strength at the line of scrimmage, he would be best as a 3-4 defensive end where he could control his gap and stuff the run on the edge of the line.

Now everyone, hit me with your criticisms. I will enjoy reading them. I got all my information on the prospect, a small scouting report and their predicted draft order, from

I know this mock will change as we get closer to Draft and Combine dates so I will enjoy doing this again.

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