Trade Back: Not So Fast

I made this comment in response to another fan post and would really like any of the trade back fanatics to help me out with an answer.

I LOVE the trade back gang and their use of last year as an example. It's hilarious

So the team went into last year thinking defense all the way, only AFTER Locker was off the board (he would be in burgundy and gold if he wasn’t). So…in a Defensive Line heavy draft they traded back and got two Defensive Linemen (Kerrigan and Jenkins) and picked up extra picks in doing so. Who honestly didn’t think we got hosed in the trade at first? Shanahan has intimated that last year was defense and this year is offense, so where is the abundance of talent on offense in this years draft that the team is trading back for?

OL is not deep in this years draft
RB is but Shanahan can take care of that in the later rounds
WR is not too deep
QB is not deep
TE not much of a need, but those can be had in the later rounds

So…trading back is not as much of an option (IMO) as it was lat year. The DL needed works and there was an abundance of talent to choose from. This years draft looks more like a BPA or trade up kind of draft for the Skins. Who in the lower portion of the draft is trading up with the Skins? After the first 6 picks the majority of the talent projected in the 1st round is Defensive with the exception of WR. Fine…you don’t want to trade up, that’s not even my argument here, IMO trading back isn’t very likely this year.

There were 18 DL (DT or DE) players drafted in the first two rounds last year. That's right 18!!! Which is why last years class was considered deep. What position of need for the Redskins is that deep this year with 1st Round talent? Let's remember....the Redskins drafted two DL with their 1st two picks BECAUSE it was so deep and a position of need. You can't just say ooh let's trade back for me picks, someone has to be willing to trade up. Which team is trading up with the Redskins and for which player? (Name the team involved in the trade and the player they will be trading up for)

*This is NOT about drafting a QB, this is merely about the fact that I think people are throwing out an idea without fully thinking through how and why it would happen logistically.

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