A Peyton Manning Panacea: The Good, The Bad And The Undiscussed Legitimacy



Welcome to the Internet, where the Bad is belabored endlessly. Peyton Manning is not a well football player. He may simply retire, being through two major neck surgeries in a few short years would usually result in most any multi-multi-millionaire retiring to a beach somewhere to enjoy their remaining health. Football players aren't always the most reasonable individuals. But even if he did come out, there's no guarantee the next sack he takes won't be the last NFL action he ever sees. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a delusion that Mike Shanahan is a raving egomaniac. Don't get me wrong, most NFL head coaches have a will cast in iron (Jim Zorn excepted) and Mike Shanahan's is more along the lines of tungsten carbide. Redwolf333 posted on this point such that there isn't much to add here. I think it's fair to say that Mike Shanahan won't compromise the identity of the offense he was brought in for, but Peyton Manning is not Tim Tebow...although the idea of Peyton running the option read is a cringe-worthily amusing mental picture. Mike is able to tailor the offense to Peyton while Peyton can also shape his skills to fit what Mike and Kyle are trying to do.

It goes without saying Peyton won't sign simply anywhere for the money, but I'll say it anyway. That makes any attempt to sign him a negotiation with the coaching staff and general manager. For someone like Manning, who is practically an offensive coordinator, that will likely involve an indepth personnel discussion. If a serious conversation is possible, the staff will have a comprehensive pitch ready for Manning. You wouldn't approach the hottie at the bar (be you dude or chica) without being ready to spit game. And if the image of Mike Shanahan hitting on Peyton Manning doesn't creep you out, you can join Ken in the Port-A-John with a roll of tube socks.

If we accept the negotiation dynamic as a given, however, and the Redskins successfully convince Peyton Manning to sign on with a reasonable deal, the predictable chorus of 'LOLSKINS' will pipe up again, but there will be a note of uncertainty. Peyton Manning is a Super Bowl winner with a name that says student of the game the same way Switzerland says cheese, clocks, choclate and neutrality (I've been watching a lot of Animaniacs with my toddler). It would be an interesting boost to our profile in the free agent market and media, and that point hasn't really been discussed.

As Kevin said with respect to Carlos Rogers' incendiary comments; 'No one wants to be part of a team that has had one winning record since 2006.' Begging the acidic question no doubt dripping off your tongue, 'And Peyton Manning is going to change that?'

The Colts were surely on the decline the season before last, but anyone who doubts Peyton Manning's impact need look only to the record. But that's cheap, and the situational value of Manning is where we get a boost. Peyton is not going to sign somewhere he doesn't believe he can win. If Mike and Co. can convince him to come to DC it will raise eyebrows around the league, and what might that mean?

Probably, the general conclusion will be that the Redskins are closer to winning football than anyone guessed. Maybe the extra million or half million per year we have to offer free agents goes away. Maybe the more thoughtful veterans that don't have treasure chests full of cash and Redskins 1 being pushed at them see DC as a possible destination. If the media gets in on it a bit (and how can they openly disparage Peyton Manning?), that won't hurt either. And it would be amusing to see them eat humble pie with a side of crow (gotta love Archer).

Of course, that's a HUGE job. If Tim Hightower re-signs, while Roy Helu and Evan Royster build on their freshman campaigns with the awesome Darrel Young rounding out the backfield, the running game is locked, possibly for years. Trent Williams and Fred Davis are supposed to be two of the brightest spots on the offensive side of the ball, but the suspensions add one mother of an asterisk to those selling points. Of course, Chris Cooley's return and Logan Paulsen's steady competency add plenty of stability at TE. No doubt WR would be second in terms of importance, and if Manning wanted a gamebreaker, the Redskins might troll the market.

The O-line would be probably the most hotly debated issue (did I mention I have a degree in rocket science?). Mike and Bruce swear up and down Peyton will have what he needs. Maybe we trade back in the first grab Decastro and bring in Chris Myers(I know how old he is). I'm just blowing smoke, but it's easy enough to rosterbate enough of a solution to get Manning to say 'ok' to pass protection. Having Kory Lichtensteiger and Maurice Hurt as backup guards sounds pretty good, no? The onus will be on Mike and Bruce to make it work...if they are considering pursuing Manning.

There's a lot of risk in going for Manning, that could blow up for any number of reasons. But since this is the Internet, it's also fun to be explosive; wouldn't it be great to have Peyton Manning as caretaker with RGIII studying under his tutelage?

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