how long do you give shanahan to turn this around ?

Lets take a look at what he inherited in 2010. First lets start with the defense .

Anthony Carter 30yrs old with Pats . Hurt but was having a great season

Fat AL Fat lazy over weight and over paid bombed with pats and did little in tampa

Griffen and Daniels both out of NFL

LB RAK , LBF both are producing but LBF was 34 . Both have made multiple pro bowls , Rocky is AVG at best and most likely heading to a new team

Dbs , Hall ,big contract feast or famine type , rogers , never played to his draft position , wanted hall money , pro bowler with 49ers LL safety injured most of shanahan's tenure (17 of 32 games ) S Moore , out of NFL

back-ups , jarmon and montgomery out of nfl golston solid back-up but on the fringe, blades , wilson and hensen , out of nfl alexander is our best ST 's player dbs horton , holmes out of nfl , smoot out of nfl . tryon bounced to 2 nfl teams doughty below avg sub , westbrook good ST player maybe a dime back barnes at best a nickel guy but he lost time to westbrook

Of the 14 players to record qa stat in 2009 only 5 are on our current roster

Now the offense

QB JC back-up with raiders , RB CP out of nfl , WR Moss, 30yrs old making 7 mil , ARE out of NFL TE Cooley , good asset

o/line , samuels rabach , thomas , out of NFL , heyer and dockery back-ups with oakland and dallas respectively

now for the depth

qb Todd collins and colt brennan , out of nfl

rb , betts ganther , mason out of nfl , cartwright , special teamer in oak

wr kelly and marko mitchell out of nfl thomas 3 catches in 2 seasons with 2 teams

te , davis now the starter, but has drug issues yoder out of nfl

o/line m williams albright , levi jones, out of nfl , rhino back-up in buffalo

Out of all those guy there are 2 starters , davis , moss, (cooley could be added) The rest will be most likely out of the nfl with in a year

Now add to it the 6 year free agent CBA we played under in year one which made available mostly old stopgaps types . His 1st draft was limited because of previous trades .

In year 2 he had a pretty good draft but no real off season . In free agency they went with signing younger guys to reasonable contracts and i feel they fared better with this approach

So my 2 questions are , How much longer do you go with this approach , and do you think Snyder has changed enough to allow this 5 yr plan to continue ?

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