If no RGIII, then take Brandon Weeden

This is the first time I'm writing anything on this site but I've been reading stuff on here forever. Let me introduce myself. Name is Don, From Silver Spring, MD. Been a Skins fan all my life. Now on to the good stuff....

As many of you already know, we need a damn QB not named Grossman or Beck. Last time we took a QB it was Jason Campbell, who we gave up on once Shanny got in town. Now we are faced with a dilemma. Many of you fellow skin fans are already on the Matt Flynn bandwagon. I for one don't think he is as good as he was yesterday. For starters, he has ridiculous weapons to play with, was fully rested, and has had lots of time learning that system. I'm not saying he would suck but I don't think he could have a performance like that being on the Redskins.

I believe that if Flynn does make it to free agency, we should only pursue him nothing more than a 2 year deal, which I don't think he would take but noone wants another Kevin Kolb contract in the happening...

Obviously, Andrew Luck will be gone when he chosen 1st overall by the Colts. So he is out of the picture and I am strongly opposed on trading up to get him. We need to continue the tradition of drafting that has been newly implemented. More draft picks=more talent. Packers have something like 80% of their players from drafts, not really free agency.

I am not opposed to RGIII, even though I believe he is still raw. But I doubt he will be there by the 6th pick, Browns will take him. This being said we need to look BEYOND these two quarterbacks and start thinking later rounds. This is where Brandon Weeden comes in.

Brandon Weeden, I know what your thinking, he is indeed 27 years of age. He is however, one of the most talented players in this upcoming draft in my opinion. Not only is he accurate (72.6% completion) but he also threw for more than 4000 yards, much more than Luck.

Weeden is a mature and smart QB who is highly competitive. So I believe this is what we should do in the draft.

Round 1: Take Justin Blackmon if he is there, if not then trade down, acquire new picks and pick up Malcolm Floyd or another Stud WR in the First round. We need a big name target for our 2nd round QB. If stud WRs are gone then take either a OL or DB.

Round 2: Take Brandon Weeden,both him and Blackmon are a dangerous combo since they know each other playing on same team in college (OSU).

*Round 2: if traded back, an extra 2nd rounder, with this pick take a stud OL or DB

Round 3: OL or DB (CB preferably as Halls replacement)

Round 4: MLB (fletcher replacement)

Round 4: OL (need OL depth)

Round 5: DB (preferably SS, Landry is not a given)

Round 6: QB (future backup_

Round 7: Kicker (competition for Gano)

I want Grossman out of DC along with Beck. Tonight OSU plays Stanford and I believe Weeden's stock will rise. He will have the better game. Let me know what you guys think?

Imagine this, Weeden throwing to Moss, Hankerson, Blackmon, Gaffney, Paul with Royster, Helu, and Hightower running. Lets not forget Mr. wake and bake Davis and Cooley.

Can't wait for the game tonight!!! Hopefully I'm not wrong!!!!


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