The Ins and Outs Of the Redskins 2012 roster

I was bored so I figured I would put my thoughts of next season in writing. I hear people say who should stay and go and who they like or don't like. These are who I believe are In and Out of burgundy and gold next season and why.


London Fletcher . Leads the NFL in tackles. He is the heart of the defense and is a steadily productive leader. His desire to win and his desire to stay should keep him in D.C. I shouldn't have to explain why he should be here and will return.

DeAngelo Hall. Everyone loves to hate Hall but at the beginning of the season Halls tackling was improved and although he does give up big plays and sometimes gambles too much, he is still a ball hawk and Jim Haslett likes halls self accountability. Also he is the number 1 CB on the team and would be hard to replace next season.

Oshiomogho Atogwe. Since Shanahan doesn't have a lot of depth and the glimpses of the old playmaker he was, I believe he is back next season. With a full off-season and possibly a healthy start of the 2012 season it will prove to be a season too prove his worth or nonworth. Even if he isn't a starter he can be a backup while a rookie is brought through the system.

Brandon Banks. Although the big plays and TDs haven't come this year he is still leading the league in return yards. Its should also be noted that Shanahan likes to keep ‘GEMS' that he has found, I think Banks is safe until they find a real game breaking returner. He has average return stats and also 0 fumbles lost. I think safety with decent yards and with the possibility a breaking a big one is safe enough for one more year at least.

Reed Doughty. With the uncertainty of Laron Landry, Doughty has to stay he is a very serviceable back up if Landry is kept and healthy or if a free agent starter is acquired. He can be a stop gap starter for a young safety coming in. He is very needed for depth. He make be average in coverage, he is an above average tackler.

Danny Smith. His Special teams on kick returns, kickoffs, punts and punt returns have been above average. I don't blame him fully for all the missed Field goals. With the flux in the Offensive Line its hard to get a consistent lineup that can work well together. Plus this town needs coaching stability. Players love Danny Smith and getting rid of him now could stir up the locker room.

Jabar Gaffney. He has had his best season of his career and seems to get open a lot. A receiver that can get open and can catch is a great option to have for a rookie QB or for a QB that is brought in and has to learn the system. Also if Rex remains, there seems to be chemistry between these the 2.

Donte Stallworth. Sure hands, Specials teams play and Shanahan's love for veteran receivers makes me believe that Donte will start the season in the WR mix in Washington. After his release and re-signing, he has been adequate in route running and receptions when given the opportunity. He is sure handed and also a mentor to younger receivers.

Fred Davis. He was having a career year before his positive drug test was revealed. With his production this year he was almost a must re-sign before his suspension. Conversely his suspension could help the Redskins retain him for a cheaper contract. A tandem of Cooley and Davis could be a hard combination to defend.

Chris Cooley. With the Fred Davis suspension and possibility of a year long suspension for another positive test, Colley has went from expendable to a needed keeper. He had a great 2010 tear and seems to be durable until his injury this year. He would provide needed depth at T.E.

Adam Carriker. He is having a good year (5.5 sacks) and the need of depth and a good line rotation will keep Carriker in D.C. Even With Jarvis Jenkins coming back next season it is never bad to have multiple starting Defensive linemen to rotate. Plus Haslett is familiar with him, and coaching familiarity seems to be a big deal in D.C

Rex Grossman. He has big play potential but he also has way too many turnovers. He will be retain because of his knowledge of the system and his starting ability. I do believe that the Redskins will have a New Quarterback next year, I think Rex will be a back up of a stop gap at the beginning of the season.

Tim Hightower. With Royster and Helu coming out strong it looked like Hightower might be let go. After watching week 17 and how all the Running backs were banged up, it made me think that Tim should be brought back for depth. Having 3 Running backs capable of having 100 yard game would never be a bad thing. Plus he wants to be here so his contract might not be too costly.

Graham Gano. Gano was finishing the season strong despite the blocks. He had problems in the clutch at points but his leg strength and with a retooled front line he will be back for another year. He will have competition in camp but I think he will be the kicker in week 1.

Jammal Brown. Simply because of Offensive line needs Brown will be given an opportunity to compete for the starting position. He had some good games but never seemed to stay healthy. Health may be the reason for his possible release but the need at Offensive line will keep him in town

Kory Lichtensteiger. Starting melding well with Trent Williams early and started to get into a groove before his injury. Like I said many times before need for Offensive linemen and depth I feel that Kory is safe.

Will Montgomery. Even though I feel that a new starting center should be brought in, I think that the coaching staff likes Will enough and he did decent enough at center that he will be brought back if the price is good.


Mike Sellers. Under utilized and deteriorating blocking have sealed the fate of Sellers. Darrell Young has proven a better option and even though Sellers is also known as a T.E. he would be 4th on the depth chart.

Terrence Austin. Lack of production/opportunity made him unneeded. He was talked about as a return man also but if He cant beat out Banks he has no opportunity to succeed in Washington. He reminds me of Marko Mitchell, produces in preseason but doesn't show enough to make an impact in an actual game.

Anthony Armstrong. With a fall from grace this season and an evident need for a big play receiver, Armstrong seems to be the odd man out. The one thing that may save him is his play on special teams but special teams playing receivers can be found.

Santana Moss. After signing back with the Redskins he has had a less than stellar season. Hampered by an injury and the emergence of Hankerson, Moss may be either demoted to a back up, or eventually released. The consistent big drops haven't helped his case either.

LaRon Landry. The possibility of his high asking price and the unknown status of his injury, Landry is all but gone. He has questioned the training staff and also the decisions to not play. I just feel that there is a lot more tension than what is made public. Laron is as good as gone.

John Beck. Mike Shanahan put his reputation on the line for Rex and Beck. All the excuses why Beck should be given a chance have been exercises and proven wrong. He is not NFL worthy and might never be. As a speaker and motivator he is great. But motivation didn't make him a valued starter.

Rocky McIntosh. With Rocky's declined production and the consistent play of the other linebackers, his worth might be diminished and his service no longer needed.

This was just a quick opinionated list. I'm sure I left out a few people but I was just going from mostly person knowledge and opinions. Thanks for reading.

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