Let's Get Real People!

There is a hell of a lot of nonsense being thrown around here lately, and the regular season just ended yesterday! It's time to pump some reality into this community.

First, let's get over this Matt Flynn thing. Everyone saw he had a good game yesterday, now you're all punching the clown over the possibility of us signing him as a FA. No! This is not what we need. When my neighbors decide they don't want their old office desk anymore, and put it out on the curb with a sign on it that says "please take", I don't rush over and grab it, just because it "looks" nicer that the one I have in my house. I wait for a few months, save my money, and go out and buy a new one, that has all the gadgets I need for my office, and also fits with the scheme of the room.

Same can be said for Matt Flynn. Just because he had a good game, and is an impending free agent, doen't mean we all of a sudden have to go out and sign him, because he's better than what we have, and he's the best avaliable in a weak QB free agent market. Like I have said so many times before, the centerpiece of our offense should be chosen, and molded in the ideals that Shanny wants, not some other teams QB, who has been programed to succeed in their offense. Shanny has been scouting college QB's all year, and especially hard over the last 2 months, and I believe he knows what he's looking for. It's just a matter of having the stones to go get his guy.

Second, we now know where we are drafting, and we are starting to get an idea of who may be an option. We know RG3, and most likely Luck will be in this draft. If we like either, we need to secure one..........period. If we are torn on either, or do not want to trade up, and both get selected before we draft, we need a plan in place to counter this.

I would put Brandon Weeden in that plan. I am against Weeden for one reason, and one reason only; his age. I believe he is ready now, and could be a very big upgrade for our offense. He may be able to give us 5-7 years, and in the mean time, we can draft a developmental QB, or maybe be in a position to draft high again somewhere in the next 5 years, and get our young stud. Either way, it's our guy, and we are not again attempting to use another teams player.

Finally, we need to stop being afraid of trading up. Everything great, that's worth having, comes with a price. say your working your tail off at a position withing your company, that you hate, but you know that you need to do it for the mean time, to be able to allign yourself for that big sales job that will be open in 6 months. You bust you ass, and the pay is not even close to fair, for all the work you do, but you know that if you show your boss you are a stud at what you do, you'll get recognized when the time comes fro that promotion, and the hard work will have paid off. It's called a sacrifice.

Well, sacrifices can happen in the NFL too. If you want that great player, who you know will help your team, you may have to "sacrifice" some draft picks to aquire his services. Is it worth it? That's our coaches decision, but I will say, with the possibility of landing greatness staring us in the face, I wouldn't be afraid to pull the trigger on a trade. We will never succeed, if we do not have the balls to try.

So, for the new year, let's try and stop making excuses, and looking for the easy way out. We know we need help, and we know we need to change the culture and the perception that surrounds this team. Throwing big money at the next free agent fad is not the direction this team needs to go in. We are committed to a re-build, and when you buiil something from the ground up, it's nice to have pieces to fit into your project, not a piece you borrowed from a friend, and try to make it fit, just because it may look nice on the outside.

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