Ryan Tannehill at 6th overall?

Before your blood starts to boil and you turn over a recliner, hear me out.

A week ago, I actually started typing up this same post, but substituted Tyler Wilson's name. Wilson announced his return later that day, so that blew that out of the water.

I know most fans want Griffin more than they want cancer cured, but that's starting to look like a longshot in my opinion. Many are saying that with the Browns holding two first round picks, one being the 4th overall, it'd be hard to match such an offer to move up without bargaining everything. Me personally, I donno if I see the Browns trading up, or even drafting Griffin in general. He doesn't seem like a Holmgren guy, but I'm just one fan who knows nothing.

So, instead of beating a dead horse (Parks, you can post your animation anyways), I do have an argument to make for Tannehill ending up in the top 10, and maybe at 6 with the Redskins.


Oh, I'm sorry, that's Tannehill's fiance, not Tannehill. How silly of me. Here he is:


As fans, it's impossible to mock anything and be completely accurate, but we do tend to be good at recognizing tendencies come draft time. These are mine:
- Quarterbacks fly up draft boards every year, and do so not just with shorts and t-shirt workouts, but because of building hype and overall need.

- The Dolphins are picking at 9, the Seahawks at 12, trading back may prove costly if our intent is to target Tannehill. He may grade out as a middle to late first, early second prospect, but that has never stopped teams from drafting a guy high, see Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert a year ago, or even Mark Sanchez in 2009.

- The eyeball test tells me that Tannehill fits in this scheme. When I watch the A&M offense, I see many similarities to our own. Comparable route combos, designed roll outs, getting the ball out of the QBs hands on short to intermediate throws, and the need for accuracy on the run. This may be a situation where need trumps value. I think Tannehill fills our need.

He is very raw by game experience standards, but I think the ability is definitely there. As a senior, and only one year under his belt, he was making calls at the line and showed great anticipation in a lot of his throws.

I know we all want the Redskins to draft smart, nail every pick, and the value of the guys they get be right where they graded out, but so does every fan, and if Tannehill can work out, who's to say we shouldn't take him at 6?

Me personally, the idea of doing so is growing on me, and come draft day, it may not sound so crazy to others either. I'm sure I'll get it for this one, but feel free to give me your feedback.

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