I have been told that you need an elite qb to compete for super bowls

I have been told this over and over by people favoring a trade up for RG3 . That you have to have an elite passer to compete for super bowls . Well we have 2 qbs that arent elite passers by any stretch of the imagination in Alex Smith and Joe Flacco . You can win if you have a decent run game and a strong defense with a qb who can not make mistakes (or limits them) and make a play or 2 if its there.

Does it really matter if the defense carries him ? or the running game or his wrs or te? The short answer is no but we have a fan base that "is tired of avg qb's " and cant wait , be smart and let the best choice come to us at a reasonable price .

The redskins front office should explore every option they have on the table . We should look at Flynn . Why not ? He is better the Beck or Rex . Now does that mean he is a savior riding in on his white horse to save us all ? NO , but can he stabilize the position until we can make a run at a "franchise QB " perhaps in 2013 .

We should look at every qb in free agency from Cassell , Kolb , Sanchez , Orton because they are better the what we have . Tell me how we can win if the QB position turns the ball over 31 times ? If either of those qbs cut that number in half, how many wins does that get us ?

We could go after Peyton Manning when he becomes a free agent . (No we dont trade for him !) . Now I know somebody will say he is too old to be a savior and they would be right . Some would say he neck is too much of a risk . I say what sane NFL team would aquire Manning without having half the free worlds doctors look him over ? If his health cant be verified the simply move on .

My thing is this , if you cant get RG3 at a reasonable price , then you have to move on . The browns can outbid us anyway you want to look at it and there comes a time where you cant make a deal without seriously damaging the future

MY alternate strategy would be to sign a free agent veteran and draft a qb in round 2 if the value is there . I would also draft a qb late as well . I would put as many play makers on the offense as i can and look to the 2013 draft for the "franchise guy " if needed.

Gutting the next 2 drafts for the qb runs the risk of us being Sam Bradford and the Rams . Free agency can fill some needs but in 2013 you will have to use 90% of the cap space in a year so free agent money could be at a premium . You would be looking at keeping guys like Jamal Brown on the team because you cant afford the dead cap space .

We will know in the next few months what the qb situation will be in free agency ,and how our needs are addressed I dont see the need to get in a bidding war for a rookie QB when we are under strength .

Redskins nation needs to be smart and let the team make the best use of the resources we have instead of being the Snyderatto's that we have bashed for the past 2 decades .

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