Do you Still want to Trade Back???

The Washington Redskins hold the #6 pick in the upcoming draft in April. There is no doubt about the team's biggest need and that is Quaterback. There are 2 top QB prospects in the draft Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, and then there is the field of 2nd tier QB's Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles, Brandon Weeden, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler. Most believe that the Indianapolis Colts will not trade the #1 pick and will select Andrew Luck, and that Robert Griffin III will be picked before Washington's #6 pick. So what do you do to solve the QB problem in Washington do u stand pat and hope RG3 fall to you at the 6 spot or do you put together a trade package to move up to the #2 spot with the Rams, or do you trade back and select on of the 2nd tier QB's to solve your QB problem of the last 2 decades?? Well lets look at the top 2 QB's drafted in each draft for the last 10 drafts prior to 2011(cause you need at least 1 more season to evaluate) and see if picking a 2nd tier QB will solve the QB issue here in Washington.

2010 Draft

Sam Bradford Rd 1 #1, Tim Tebow Rd 1 #25

2010 2nd tier

Jimmy Clausen Rd 2, Colt McCoy Rd 3, Mike Kafka Rd 4

2009 Draft

Matthew Stafford Rd 1 #1, Mark Sanchez Rd 1 # 5

2009 2nd tier

Josh Freeman Rd 1 # 17th, Pat White(not a qb in nfl) Rd 2, Stephen McGee Rd 4

2008 Draft

Matt Ryan Rd 1 #3, Joe Flacco Rd 1 # 18

2008 2nd tier

Brian Brohm Rd 2, Chad Henne Rd 2, Kevin O'Connell Rd 3

2007 Draft

JaMarcus Russell Rd 1 #1, Brady Quinn Rd 1 #22

2007 2nd tier

Kevin Kolb Rd 2, John Beck Rd 2, Drew Stanton Rd 2, Trent Edwards Rd 3

2006 Draft

Vince Young Rd 1 #3, Jay Cutler Rd 1 #11

2006 2nd tier

Kellen Clemens Rd 2, Tarvaris Jackson Rd 2, Charlie Whitehurst Rd 3

2005 Draft

Alex Smith Rd 1 #1, Aaron Rodgers Rd 1 #24

2005 2nd tier

Jason Campbell Rd 1 #25, Charlie Frye, Andrew Walter ,David Greene Rd 3, Kyle Orton, Stefan LeFors Rd4

2004 Draft

Eli Manning Rd 1 #1, Phillip Rivers Rd 1 #4, Ben Rothlisberger Rd 1 #11 *

2004 2nd tier

J.P Losman Rd 1 #22, Matt Schaub Rd 3, Luke McCown Rd 4

2003 Draft

Carson Palmer Rd 1 #1, Byron Leftwich Rd 1 #7

2003 2nd tier

Kyle Boller Rd 1 #19, Rex Grossman Rd 1 #22, Dave Ragone Rd 3, Chris Simms Rd 3, Seneca Wallace Rd 4

2002 Draft

David Carr Rd 1 #1, Joey Harrington Rd 1 #3

2002 2nd tier

Patrick Ramsey Rd 1 #32, Josh McCown Rd 3, David Garrard Rd 4, Rohan Davey Rd 4

2001 Draft

Michael Vick Rd 1 #1, Drew Brees Rd 2 #1

2001 2nd tier

Quincy Carter Rd 2, Marques Tuiasosopo Rd 2, Chris Weinke Rd 4, Jesse Palmer Rd 4

* Ben Rothlisberger was considered to be one of the Top QB prospects along with Rivers and Manning, if Matt Barkley entered this year draft he would have been in the Top tier prospects.

There is a big drop off in talent from the top 2 prospects of the draft and the 2nd tier talent. Which one of the 2nd tier QB's would you want to be the Franchise QB or QB of the future??? So trading back and picking up a couple later round picks and getting a 2nd tier QB might not be such a good idea.

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