Redskins to have a Quarterback on March 13: Guaranteed (or welcome back Rex)

You heard it here first. The Redskins will learn their fate if they will get one of the top 4 Quarterbacks Available: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Sam Bradford or Matt Flynn.

It all coincides on March 13. The first day of Free Agency.

Redskins Strategy as I see it with the condition that Mike Shanahan cannot go this coming year without a Franchise Quarterback. Siyanora Mike if you can't get one. This is Year 3 and Mr. Snyder is not going to tolerate it. You can take that to the bank.

What will happen from my Crystal Ball?

1. The Washington Redskins will come out flying with their mega offers to the Indianapolis Colts for pick #1, the St. Louis Rams for pick #2, and again to the Rams for Quarterback Sam Bradford on the first day of free agency, March 13 at 4pm. The strategy is to go ahead and bring out the best offer, the same one you would bring out on April 26, draft day. Having Matt Flynn as a backup plan could spur the colts or rams to accept a great offer. Once Flynn signs with someone then the Redskins leverage would be gone.

2. The Redskins will be telling Matt Flynn's Agent to hold off for about 2 hours from accepting any contract.

3. If any offer is accepted from the first 3 offers then the Redskins will have Luck, RGIII or Bradford.

4. If no offer is accepted then the Redskins will outbid all other teams for Matt Flynn. As a rule, the first major untrestricted free agency year for any player THE HIGHEST CONTRACT OFFER IS ALWAYS ACCEPTED. The future of the players financial outlook is at stake as well as the reputation for his player agent (do not understimate the role of the player agent- if his client takes less than the highest bid then up coming players may see him as soft and not sign him to represent them).

So mark down March 13 as a huge, huge day. The Redskins should pull out all stops and try to solve their Quarterback position on this day. Waiting until draft day, which is what the Colts and Rams would rather do because that's when they will have the most leverage, can mean missing out on every Quarterback. Welcome back Rex-Yikes!

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