Sam Bradford, the Redskin?

I searched shortly to see if anyone else proposed this completely hypothetical scenario, I didn't find another post.

Here's a scenario for us to all dream about as we play Couch GM like we love to do every offseason. The Rams may hire Jeff Fisher as their next head coach, maybe it's someone else, who knows. Suppose whoever their next coach is falls in love with RG3, sitting there at #2 overall. If the new regime in St Louis feels like they want their own guy instead of inheriting Bradford, would you want the Redskins to raise a bidding card?

Like I said, this is completely a hypothetical, I think there's some possibility of it happening, but not likely. This really is just for fun. As a team they may think they want to add to their team, not replace a piece they already have to their own puzzle. But at the same time, receiving draft picks would allow them to still do so.

We all remember the stories that came out about how Mike loved Bradford and tried to move up to get him only to realize the price was too high. Say this situation comes along and the Rams shop him. If it meant giving them our 6th pick and our 39th, I personally would say pull the trigger. Obviously they would go with the highest bidder, and there is a ceiling to which I would not give up anymore, my proposal probably being it.

Many would argue that Bradford may have David Carr syndrome and his psyche has been too damaged with the sacks he's taken, and the lack of weapons at his disposal. I can't say it'd be much better here, but I would argue that it would be better. If he's damaged goods, that obviously kills this idea entirely. I personally doubt he is, seeing as he had a good rookie year, versus one year of decline.

So as Redskins fans, if such a scenario came up, would you pounce on it? I think most would agree he fits quite well in what we're doing and I think his ceiling of potential is still very much there.

OR, would you feel better doing what you could to trade up and acquire Griffin, that being much more expensive?

Just for fun, no one take it too seriously. But, crazy things do happen on draft day.

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