So Which QB Would You Choose in the Draft? What Round?

In an attempt to improve fan support, Danny decides to use a "Willy Wonka" approach to this years draft of a QB. If you get a golden ticket in your PSL package you win, and you get to chose the Redskins next QB in the draft. Of course, since you are just a fan the experts will narrow the field giving you the choice of these possibilities, what would you do:

1. Andrew Luck- The Colts decide they can part with Luck for a price...but it will cost the team 2 first rounders (2012, 2013) and 2 third rounders (2012, 2013) and a boat load of cash.

2. RG3- A First Round Pick, there are 3 other teams ahead of Washington who may or may not choose RG3. You trade up and in return give your 3rd rounder (2012) and 4th rounder (2013).

3. Take Landry Jones in round 1 without having to trade up.

***Skins take OT Reily Reiff who is still on the board in first round***

4. Kellen Moore is available in the 2nd Round, but you have to trade up for him, a 4th rounder (2012). We have 2 fourth rounders.

5. You choose Brandon Weeden who drops to round 2 because of his age, but is an excellent QB with 72.6% completion percentage.

So here's what I would do:

I take Option 5. Option 1 and 2 are too expensive for the return. There is a large pool of 2nd rounders and I think it makes better sense to get a talented player in round 1 and choose Brandon Weeden in round 2 and who knows Kellen may even fall to us.

Personally, I favor Russell Wilson. With only 3 interceptions, he is an accurate passer, but because of his height I wouldn't draft him until round 4, we have 2 fourth rounders by the way. I know some disagree with me on Russell, but watch him in Rose Bowl, the guy will upset the Ducks.

So hopefully I get the golden ticket, or maybe for you, hopefully not.

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