Fantasy Locks of the Week (only if you want to win this week)


Redskins Receivers and Tight Ends- Who the heck is going to cover them? The Giants have lost like 3 Cornerbacks, a Couple Linebackers and a couple defensive linemen. Start Santana Moss. He is a must this week. If you don't have one of the top TE's then go get Fred Davis. New Linebackers will have trouble defending the tight end (confusing). This is not a Homer Call but a practical call.

Houstons Defense- This is a must must pick up. If you don't have Pittsburgh or the Jets and you have a roster spot you can sacrifice this week. Go get the Texans. The Colts have an old Quarterback that they brought out of Retirement- 3 weeks ago! Plus they have to change the entire offense for Kerry Collins.

Tennessee's Defense- Ditto above. Cade McKown. Enough said.

Larry Fitzgerald- Time to blow up the NFL again. No more 3rd string quarterbacks throwing to him. And he goes against Carolina at Home. Lock it in.


All Colts Offensive Players except Dallas Clark- It's going to be Nasty. I think Collins will end up locking on to Clark as his safety valve. Which will be alot of times. Joseph Addai is in for an 8 man front- good luck old man.

Jacksonville Receivers- Ditto above. Cade McKown. Enough said.

Dallas Receivers- Reivas Island. A great set of cornerbacks. You will be pissed off watching the game if you have either Dez Bryant or Miles Austin and you see Reivas lining up against your player. That would suck big time.

Tony Romo- Read above.

Ryan Matthews- Will he get any goal line attempts? We will find out. Mike Tolbert is a beast in short yardage.


Matthew Stafford- Ready to blow up and he has the weapons to boot. My pick for pre-season Fantasy Blow Up of the year (just like Arian Foster last year). His Pre-Season numbers were staggering. He was the #1 Draft Pick a couple of years ago.

Greg Little- Shhhhhh. He isn't now but it's no secret in Cleveland that Colt McCoy loves throwing to this rookie.

One of the St. Louis Rams Receivers- My pick is Mike Sims-Walker to be Sam Bradford's main target. Monitor this carefully and jump on whoever emerges. This Receiver will have a monster year.

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