Shanahan and Bruce Allen Making the Right Calls by keeping NFL Ready or Potentially Significant Future Contributors.

Conventional Wisdom is that you need a certain amount of players at each position.

5 Wide Receivers maybe 6. 9 Offensive Linemen maybe 10. Definitely 3 Quarterback (you would think).

But what if the 9th and 10th Offensive Lilneman or the 3rd Quarterback are just not up to NFL Standards?

Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen looked at the roster that they have to pair down to 53 and determined that it was better to carry 8 Wide Receivers (really 7) than to carry a 9th Offensive Lineman. Why? Because the potential of a couple of the young wideouts-particulary Leonard Hankerson and Niles Paul- was too much of a risk to cut and then pray, pray, pray that no one else would pick them up. Donte Stallworth will help out the team this year, more than a 9th Offensive Lineman will be able too.

Keeping 9 Linebackers seems like alot. Keeping only 6 Defensive Linemen seems incredably little. The Redskins did not want 3 Nose Tackles so Anthony Bryant had to go. Tie goes to the Rookie Draft Pick. Welcome Chris Neild.
Now that we are in a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 it does make sense the numbers that we now have in the positions. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan are both College Defensive Ends. They could move right back to that position if injury's occur. The hope is that Perry Riley improves dramatically so that we can let go or trade Rocky McIntosh or Keyaron Fox. For now they are invaluable this year.

4 Tight Ends. Now that is alot. I expect someone to leave once Chris Cooley is healthy. I hate it because Mike Sellers is a beast, although a 37 year old beast.

9 Draft Picks making the team is an incredible feet by the GM//Coaching Team. Three 7th Round Draft Picks making your team is UNBELIEVABLE. Koodos Gentlemen. I have never seen Three 7th Round Draft Picks ever make a team. They usually get cut and are put on the Practice Squad. They may make the team the next year or simply go off in the sunset.

The bottom line is that we are rebuilding, but we want to win now. I am glad that when you look at the 53 man roster it appears that all 53 players can play at a high NFL level or are projected to play at a high level.

Go Redskins!

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