My Two (albeit drunken) Cents


First of all, lemme apologize beforehand for any grammar errors and/or run on sentences. As the title up top says, I am a bit inebriated and, I'm typing on an iPad, which is not Blog-friendly.  

Ok, now that the disclaimer is outta the way, here goes...  Don't get too ecstatic about some of the names that "made it". I'm sure most of realize this, but this ain't the final draft. This is a rough copy of the final roster, with some more cuts to come, maybe some trades, and maybe some guys who thought they made it still going to the practice squad. Yes, I'm talking about Niles Paul.

 It is still hard for me to believe that we will keep 8 receivers, especially with our O-line problems these last few year. There are two ways to go with this. Either Shanny is trying his best to win this year, or we are going all in on youth development. Let me be clear, i do realize that the second point does not necessarily negate the firsr, if that makes sense(?) if we're trying to rack up the wins this year, then Stallworth remains. I love Anthony Armstrong but, truthfully, Stallworth is probably the 3rd best rceiver on this team right now. Part of me thinks they're keeping him because they know they can't count on Hank or Paul right now. At least not right away. Also, to a lesser extent, Terrence Austin. So, in that regard, I can still see Paul heading to the PS if/when they find a worthwhile guard and/or DE on the waiver wire. Perhaps they want to wait until the rest of the league are (somewhat) set at receiver, to lessen the chance someone wants to take a chance on Paul.  On the other hand, they could be thinking that some contender out there wants to add a solid vet receiver, and therefor swings a trade for Stallworth. Whether it's a guard, D lineman, CB, or even a draft pick, Stallworth could help us more going down the road by going somewhere else in a trade.  


Next up is the LB position. I know a lot of people were surprised at the number of LB's we kept, but it actually makes sense. 3-4 teams always stockpile LB's. And we have a pretty solid bunch. OK, I'm not a fan of McIntosh, but he has started for years. We have two young studs at OLB in Jackson and White (who I'm ECSTATIC we kept) backingmup, yep, two young studs at OLB. Fletcher is, well, Fletcher. No way to say that better. He's irreplaceable at this point. But if Mcaintosh is hurt, or benched, I am fine with either Riley or a Fox stepping in there. And LoRax is our very own Jack Bauer - adapt on the fly, good at whatever he does, and you always know it when he hits you. He's the ultimate hybrid, a Swiss army knife of OLB, ILB, DE, DT, OG, fullback, and I wouldn't be surprise to see him run a kickoff back that some team tries to keep away from Brandon Banks.   While I wasn't a big fan of Lichtenhoozle last year, I am more excited about our O line than I've been in years. The depth scares me a bit though. As it stands now, Locklear, who got worked in the Bucs game, is our only backup with any real experience. Smith is raw, and Cook isn't exactly well done either. (you see what I did there? Yeah, I planned that)


 Probably the biggest surprise to me was on the D Line. I was a fan of the Neild pick, but I really didnt expect him to make the 53. Hopefully the coaches saw more there than we did. He definitely looks the part. You see that guy on the street, you think either Nose Tackle or you're trying to hook a firehose up to him to put out that 5 alarmer.  


Cornerback depth is iffy too. Kevin Barnes was mentioned as a starter over the summer, but is probably better as a number three. Thompson is far from a finished product, and he will g plenty of PT while Buchanon sits. I wouldn't be surprised to see a moce made here, especially with the depth at receiver of the teams in our division.  

Safety is where i would like to see a move made. I would LOVE to see us pick up Merriweather, jettisoning Kareem Moore. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all know that Fat Albert is gonna play well in New Englaand. Wouldn't it be nice to get one of their castoffs, and have him be productive for us? Im sure there will be competition for him, but if you can get him for a reasonable price, i would definitely pull that trigger. Especially with Landry's health in question.  


The RB position is good to go. Hightower should be the starter, but we know that, whe healthy, Torrain is perfectly competent in the starting role. And Helu will be the change of pace back we've been lacking for for years. Young is a stud at FB, and Sellers, uh, can jump over people? OK, he's one of our 2 or 3 best special teamers, so there.  


Gano looks to have taken the next step this preseason, going undefeated on field goals.Rocca is a hell of a punter, and I am dying to see him lay a lick on some unsuspecting returner.


  Ok, I'm tired, the wife fell asleep on me, and i really don't feel like getting into the QB situation right now. (But I will say that Landry Jones looked pretty damned good today).  So that's it, have at it. If you agree with me, you're not as dumb as you look. If not, well write whatever worthless comments you think the rest of us want to hear.

(OK, Powers That Be - can we please get an iPad app? I just spent an hour typing this crap, only to find out that you can:t publish from an iBad. I had to copy and email it to myself. Then fire up the old laptop and go through it all over again, separating all the paragraphs. Frankly, I don't even know why I bothered. I don't even like ypu people that much, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. All's I can say is, it's a good thing I had my beer cozy handy. I woulda been upset if my  beer got hot while playing Jonah Jameson)

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