Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League #1: Week 3 Review

In fantasy football, points are points no matter whether you score them in a 1pm Sunday game, or a Thursday night game. Since fantasy is always viewed on Monday nights around the fantasy world as certain players a team “needs” to do well, and certain players a team “needs” not to do well, and since the Redskins faced their rival Cowboys this week, I thought that for Week 3, we would discuss the previous week’s matchups with regards to the MNF Redskins-Cowboys game (where applicable).


Week 1 Results:

(CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh defeated (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence; 267-265

I am starting to feel really bad for Cdavis627 who all three weeks fell just short in close matchups (also see his transaction snafu below). He ranks tenth overall despite having the 4th highest point total. In the end, the two teams went into MNF essentially tied. Cdavis had to feel good with Jason Witten in a PPR league but he amassed only 12 points to CarverM’s Redskins defense’s 14 points. Cdavis’ team has weathered a storm, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on a winning streak to propel himself back into contention.

 (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall defeated (Parks Smith) RVA’s Chicken Salad; 225-220

This matchup was also very close, as Parks was pursuing his first victory. The DeepBall didn’t start 1 of 2 defenses (for an unknown reason??!?), and was headed into MNF trailing by 14 points. Few times in the history of football has a game been won by the foot of Graham Gano- but alas, he scored 19 to give DeepBall the win and leave Parks winless.

 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums defeated (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack; 195-177

Preppiejack only led by 4 going into MNF (thanks to a Kenny Britt injury, and a -10 from Houston’s defense). Rusty Rectums rode a 21+ point performance by Rex Grossman to the promised-land. Fortunately for Travisjh, Rex didn’t blow the matchup for him by scrambling up the field palming the football on the last drive of the game…

 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders defeated (ScottE) Osprey; 263-198

There was no Monday-night-magic in this matchup. But Ken was able to remain undefeated despite starting Danny Amendola who was out for injury for the second week in a row. Ken mentioned last week that Danny was the heart of his team in spite of injury, and it is unclear as to whether Ken is showboating at this point or if he truly was perpetually intoxicated for the entire fantasy week.

(Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg; defeated (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal; 315-197

Shvd was the only team to score 300+ points this week, pushing him into 3rd place in the standings. 65+ points from Matt Stafford and 51 points from Carolina’s defense on Shvd’s team was more than enough to beat the 7 combined points from James Starks, Deion Branch, and Matt Prater.

(Diesel 44) Diesel44 defeated (HogHunter) HogHunter; 289-238

Wrapping up Week 3 was the matchup of the week. Yours truly incorrectly picked HogHunter to pull off the upset. Diesel was leading by 28 going into Monday night’s game, and HogHunter had Tim Hightower (23 points) ready to go. Unfortunately, Diesel still had Jabar Gaffney (11 points) and Dallas defense (35 points) for the go ahead win, and the top of both the division and conference.


Key Transactions prior to this week (note $100 budget):

HogHunter got Roy Helu off of waivers for $16

DeepBall got Eric Decker off of waivers for $13

RVA’s Chicken Salad got Jonathan Stewart off of waivers for $9

DeepBall got Denarius Moore off of waivers for $7

DeepBall got Blain Gabbert in free agency

Preppiejack got Nate Washington in free agency (with incredible luck since Kenny Britt was on his team and went down for the season with an ACL injury this weekend)

Downfield Abstinence got Dan Bailey in free agency (dropping Shaun Suisham)

Downfield Abstinence got Shaun Suisham in free agency (dropping Dan Bailey) ***note: keeping Dan Bailey would have given Cdavis the win this week with his 5 fg’s on Monday night against the Redskins***


Current Standings (HH username, team name, record, points):

Division 1

#2 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders, 2-0-0, 799.17 points

#5 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums, 2-1-0, 642.54 points

#7 (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh, 2-1-0, 632.72 points

#8 (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack, 1-2-0, 632.60 points

#9 (ScottE) Osprey, 1-2-0, 626.22 points

#10 (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence, 0-3-0, 726.63 points


Division 2

#1 (Diesel 44) Diesel44, 3-0-0, 871.91 points

#3 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg, 2-1-0, 772.61 points

#4 (HogHunter) HogHunter, 2-1-0, 717.26 points

#6 (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall, 2-1-0, 638.84 points

#11 (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal, 0-3-0, 625.64 points

#12 (Parks Smith) RVA’s SilverBacks, 0-3-0, 560.73 points


Week 3’s Key Matchup: #5 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums vs. #3 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg

Most matchups this week are fairly uneven (except fot a potentially great matchup between Cdavis’ high scoring but winless team and HogHunter who is coming off of his first tough loss), but this is a battle between 2-1 teams who are jockeying for early potential position in the playoffs. Given last week’s point differential between these two (195 vs. 315), I am going to give the early edge to Shvd. Good luck!

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