The Most Heartbreaking Loss

Title says it all, I'm beyond words.

More after the jump.

I've been waiting for this game for months now--since we lost to them in that throwaway game last year, in fact. The Cowboys were injured, hurting, misfiring, completely inept and in shambles. And we still lost. Everything looked so good before the fourth quarter, and then it slipped away. No more Cooley chants in Dallas, no more Cowboy killer Moss strutting around, no more trashtalk. The defense that had saved the game throughout the night fell to pieces on the most crucial of plays--through no fault of their own.

Funny thing is, I've been smelling a trap game for the past week. The odds were stacked in our favor, and we came away empty.

I have never seen a game completely unravel because of a single play until tonight. Jim Haslett has been good up this point but he blundered, big time, in the only game I cared about, in the greatest rivalry in sports, and that is inexcusable. But he wasn't the only one:

What happened to Fred Davis?

What happened to D-Hall?

Why did Kyle stop running the football in the fourth?

Why didn't Rex look behind him like he'd done on every scramble prior?

Did Laron Landry dissapear after the first half or did they take him out?

Before tonight I was pumped to get behind a team, a winning team, because I never have before. The Atlanta Hawks were always peaking at mediocre-pretty good and I really don't care about Baseball.

This was supposed to be that game, that defining game for a team, and instead it was the same old story of missed opportunities and a putrid offense that can't sustain a drive whatsoever. This was supposed to be the moment--like the moment everyone else has that says: "This is the day I became a true Redskins fan," the one that defines fanhood for that individual--and instead there's nothing.

This is the most heartbreaking loss I've ever seen, in any game, and that's including game 7s in playoffs, the Texans game last year, everything.

The moment's gotta come when the Redskins actually redefine themselves as a contender, and while I'm a fan, I still don't have that "one game" where I connected with the players or the coaches.

I'm still waiting.

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