Before We Drink the KoolAid

Let us remember where we are on this day. The proverbial Dallas week is fast coming to an end, in several hours. This night's matchup will probably be a very close game, but there are several things to consider about the possible outcome.

If we lose, then all of the Anal-ysts (sorry, pun intended) will think that they are correct in their assessment of our team's progress during the past 18 or so months since the Shanallenhan regime came into being. Take ESPN'S Danny Tuccitto's rather morbid analysis of our chances of reaching the playoffs, for instance.

He says, "Of course, this season, the Redskins aren't just any 2-0 team according to our metrics. No, they are the least efficient undefeated team through two weeks: their total DVOA ranks 13th at 11.6 percent. All of this suggests that Washington is the best candidate for "Team Most Likely to Regress."

I tend to disagree. I don't think that we are likely to 'regress' in any way. The Shanallenplan has reinforced our youth, packaged a running scheme that is working, and it has, in general, brought a new 'mindframe' to the team. The players have a new outlook, a slightly different perspective.

There is hope, here, of not only competing in each and every game (as we did last year in all but, like, two games), but of starting and finishing each game with the true belief that we can win.

I'm not drinking the KoolAid yet, but I believe that we've started something that will get better and better. 2-0 sounds really great. Maychance we will go 3-0, or even 3-3 through our next four games. The Bills and Miami are looking tougher as the year progresses, as is San Fran. Nothing is certain at this point. Those games that in the preseason looked like instant wins are now not so certain.

Our late season games are the question. Our last six games are killers. The Patriots, Jets, Minn, Giants, Philly, @Seattle, etc. We could start out this season with crazy success, and possibly lose five of our last six games.

In any event, I'm counting on the 'Skins to win some that they weren't supposed to, and also in their releasing the propensity to lose close games.


In light of Dallas today, I send some great vids, just to get you all PUMPED Up!!!!!!!!! DALLAS WEEK!!!!!


RT last year..........

Brandon...what can I say??? Get psyched!!!

Be Well

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