The Rivalry Means More to Us Then It Does Dallas

This is the most pumped I've been for a game in years.

As the title says I really think Dallas doesn't get to fired up when we play each other. I'm from NOVA but have lived in Pa for sometime which has allowed me to have a new found hatred of the Eagles, but Dallas is where the hate lies.

I'm 29 so going through middle school & high school was real tough being a Skins fan. Outta no where I saw kids rocking Dallas gear left & right which made no sense being that Dallas is a thousand miles away. I had to get to the bottom of this. Was there a disaster in Texas or were they finally tired of being ignorant douche's & wanted to move in droves to an area that had culture like the DC Metro area!? Early on in the investigation I quickly found out that they were A)douche's and B) the worst kind of fan. What's the worse type of fan? Let me show you how 93% Cowboy fans came to be:

Cowboy fans get so sick of their hometown teams losing, that they get fed up and abandon them.
These fans are sick of losing and want a team that's going to win. They see a team that has promise , take the winning shortcut , and hop on said team's bandwagon & there you have it.

I hate the Dallas Cowboys & I hate their fan base. Make no mistake they do think they're better then you. Because they felt entitled to winning they have fell flat on their collective faces due to the realization that besides talent you actually have to work for it in the NFL.

Enter Monday night. We are 2-0. Finally after 11 years or so this franchise seems like they're on the right path. Malcontents are gone, players are buying in. London Fletcher is canceling victory Monday's & this team is buying in. Dallas has talent, they are hurt but still dangerous. These past two games the Skins have one in ways they usually loose. Vs the Giants they built a solid lead & turned turnovers to points & won without the weekly heart attack they usually give us. Vs the cards we blew several chances to put the game away but great D & timely O saved the day.

Monday Night's game will be very telling of where the Skins are. This could be the game were the franchise turns it around. I'm not talking Super Bowl or even playoffs. I'm talking about going on the road to your arch rivals home opener, on national TV & squarely kicking them in the balls whilst taking a early lead in the NFC east. I haven't been this jacked up form a game in I don't know how long, counting playoffs.

This could be the game that rewards us for be loyal through all the bullshit over the last decade at the expense of all that is wrong with sports. The Dallas Cowboys...





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