Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League #1: Week 2 Review

In the comment’s section last week, one gentleman mentioned that only the folks in the league would care for these HH#1 league posts. I would like to invite the entire Hogs Haven community to feel free to use the comments section on these posts as a forum for fantasy questions/advice as well as accounts of epic battles or letdowns in their other leagues.

Back to the action- Week 2 for Hogs Haven League #1 saw some high flying action. For the record, my backside was officially ravaged by this absurd "scoring system" – down by 4 points going into MNF: I had Eli Manning (awarded 21.5 points on 200 yds, 2 tds, 1 int) and Josh Brown (10 points), but Sam Bradford nets more points with a worse actual performance (39.99 points on 331 yds, 1 td)?!? Damn you performance bonuses!!! However, I am just bitter in the agony of defeat. I digress…


Week 1 Results:

(Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders defeated (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence; 237-228

Ken narrowly edged out Cdavis627, who for the second week in a row fell just short in a very close matchup. He now ranks tenth despite having the 4th highest point total. Each team put up a goose-egg (Amendola for Ken; Ravens defense for Cdavis), but big games from Brees (41) and Forte (37) for Ken’s team proved to be the dagger.

(HogHunter) HogHunter defeated (Parks Smith) RVA’s Chicken Salad; 190-148

In typical fantasy-sports fashion, the two lowest scoring teams of the week played each other. HogHunter pulls out a second straight win. To illustrate just how sloppy this matchup was, consider the overall scores in light of the facts that Parks got 57 points for the Saints defense, and HogHunter for 73 for Tom Brady and 47 for Larry Fitzgerald.

(CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh defeated (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack; 212-199

As described in the introduction, this came down to a questionable QB matchup on MNF. Fortunately, this is a friendly league for bragging right (not money), or else more than just my pride would be hurt.

(Diesel 44) Diesel44 defeated (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal; 302-280

In direct contrast to the HogHunter-Parks Smith matchup, two of the highest scoring teams matched up in this contest (Matt Lilly was 0.2 points shy of the second highest total for the week). Mammoth performances by Philip Rivers (56), Mike Wallace (44), and the Jets defense (59) were not quite enough, as Diesel’s team was led by strong performances across the entire roster: Tony Romo had 46 points, and almost every other player was in the twenties or thirties (catapulting him into #1 in the overall standings).

(Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums defeated (ScottE) Osprey; 281-212

This matchup came down to one major stat- Travisjh’s wide receivers… 69 points for Vincent Jackson and 63 points for Miles Austin. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, this performance isn’t likely to be duplicated this week since Miles Austin is now hurt- tough beat.

(TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall defeated (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg; 215-213

This was the week’s closest matchup. It’s kind of amazing that with so many points being scored, that these two kept it so close. Shvd had big performances by Stafford (43), Fred Jackson (46), and Adrian Peterson (39), but TheDeepBall had a more complete game from his roster. TheDeepBall will surely miss Jamaal Charles in coming weeks though. Given his injury the former fantasy first round pick netted only 3 points this week before going down.


Key Transactions (note: $100 season-long waiver budget)

Darren Sproles off waivers ($30) by TheDeepBall

Rob Gronkowski off waivers ($12) by Rusty Rectums

Carnell Williams off waivers ($11) by Osprey

Jacoby Jones off waivers ($8) by RVA's Chicken Salad

RVA's Chicken Salad traded Mark Ingram and Daniel Thomas to cANTstOpLOsINg for Julio Jones and Greg Olsen.


Current Standings (HH username, team name, record, points):

Division 1

#2 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders, 2-0-0, 535.92 points

#5 (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack, 1-1-0, 454.21 points

#6 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums, 1-1-0, 447.99 points

#7 (ScottE) Osprey, 1-1-0, 428.11 points

#9 (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh, 1-1-0, 365.31 points

#10 (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence, 0-2-0, 461.58 points


Division 2

#1 (Diesel 44) Diesel44, 2-0-0, 583.08 points

#3 (HogHunter) HogHunter, 2-0-0, 479.46 points

#4 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg, 1-1-0, 457.79 points

#8 (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall, 1-1-0, 413.38 points

#11 (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal, 0-2-0, 428.69 points

#12 (Parks Smith) RVA’s SilverBacks, 0-2-0, 355.82 points


Week 3’s Key Matchup: #1 Diesel44 vs. #3 HogHunter

A battle between divisional opponents that includes 2 of the 3 remaining unbeaten teams. Author’s Pick: HogHunter to pull the upset with Tom Brady and Cam Newton on his roster (wow!), and since Diesel’s Tony Romo will be questionable this week (against the Redskins who will knock him out in the first quarter if he does play, HTTR!).

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