Redskins at Dallas MNF: Time to Show the World the Redskins are Legit

Okay, I have to admit when I saw Dallas MNF game on the schedule for week 3 I did not expect the Redskins would have much of a chance to win this one at Dallas.  But, here we are in Week 2 atop the NFC East standings at 2-0, and Dallas is sitting at 1-1, which could easily be 0-2. At this point I see every reason why the Redskins will walk out of Dallas on Monday night with a victory and a statement to the world in a nationally televised road game.  


Assuming both teams were completely healthy this would be a very difficult matchup for the Redskins.  Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are two of the best WRs in the game, Felix Jones is proving to be a very productive RB, and Tony Romo, ehhhhh, he's probably better than Rex, at least on paper.  

However, Dallas is not coming into this game fully loaded and we have the perfect opportunity Monday night to put a whooping on the Cowgirls in their house on national television.   Reasons:

#1 Tony Romo:  Romo has two cracked ribs.  When healthy this season he has made some awful mistakes in key situations that have cost the Cowboys.  Nursing those cracked ribs, and knowing the pressure that Orakpo and Kerrigan are going to bring on MNF, I expect Romo to make even more mistakes, which the Redskins will capitalize on.  There is also a good chance the Redskins knock him out of the game completely.

#2 Miles Austin:  Their #1 WR is questionable for the game and it seems he reaggrevated his hamstring injury in Week 2.  Early reports are indicating that Miles Austin will be out through the bye week.  Now we can key on stopping Dez Bryant and Jason Whitten.

#3 Felix Jones: Separated shoulder.  He may attempt to play through it, but he certainly won't be 100%, DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice are okay, but we should have no problem shutting down that running attack.

#4 Redskins health: Rex is healthy, the O-line is healthy, the WRs are healthy, and our deep RB stable is healthy.  Offensively we definitely have the upper hand coming into this match-up.  Only concern right now is the health of DBs Kevin Barnes, Josh Wilson, and Laron Landry.

Bottom line, this is a game the Resksins should win and move to 3-0 (2-0 in the division).


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