Wanting to Lose this Year so we can "possibly" draft a QB High next year= Sad way to Live

1. If we suck this year we can get Andrew Luck or one of those other 2 possible Franchise Quarterbacks.

2. I can't believe we are winning with Rex Grossman. He is going to cost us a Franchise Quarterback


4. I heard Joe Blow from Unknown High School is tearing it up. Hopefully we can suck for the next 4 years so we draft him.

5. Did you see that Kindergardener throw that football. I can't wait for him to develop. I wonder if he's on Twitter.

If it's week 2 and your upset because Rex Grossman tore it up this week and the mighty Redskins are undefeated because HE IS RUINING OUR CHANCE AT A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK. Then I just feel sorry for you. Going through life with your slogan "WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR." And then next year comes and then you say "WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR." And again and again and again. You just can't bring yourself to cheer for the Redskins (or any other team that you root for) because it's going to kill our draft position next year.

Let's see if we would have drafted Blain Gabbert (who sucked in pre-season) with the 10th pick we would not have Ryan Kerrigan, Jarvis Jenkins and possibly Roy Helu and definitely not our three 7th rounders including Chris Neild.

We would have Blain Gabbert sitting on the bench. We would have that 900 year old lineman we traded to Arizona on the roster and some other lousy linebacker playing opposite Brian Orakpo.

Mike Shanahan simply did not like any quarterbacks from pick #10 on. He said so. He also said we have too many holes to fill.

Let's live for today and enjoy our Redskins and not worry about getting the next Tim Couch and Akili Smith (remember those stud top Quarterbacks). We can also add the #2 pick QB from Notre Dame ( I wonder why I can't remember his name- maybe because he sucked in the NFL).

How about this: Maybe we can kick butt this year, make the playoffs and then draft a Quarterback with a very late first round draft pick like Dan Marino, a 2nd rounder like Drew Brees or a 3rd round pick like Joe Montana, Possibly a 6th rounder like Tom Brady. What if we can get the 26th pick in the draft and take someone like Aaron Rodgers.

You don't need to lose on purpose to get a Franchise Quarterback. You just need to know how to draft a Quarterback.

So enjoy the season and root for the Redskins ALL SEASON LONG.

Go Redskins!

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