Week 1 Review From Down Under

G'day All


So happy to get the game televised in Australia yesterday, as we dont get many SKins games on the TV down here, thought I would take the opportunity to offer my (limited knowledge) review of the game.



Do not get ahead of ourselves, this was a severely weakened Giants team, particularly on Defense as has been made clear everywhere already.  You should win these games at home, so as we say in Australia, "lets keep a lid on it"

However you can only play who is in front of you and we took care of business thats a good sign for sure.



Its easy for forget now after the strong finish, but Rex was AWFUL to start the game, even his completions were often high and it seemed at stages as if he thought all our recievers were 6'8".  However, once he put a drive or two together it seemed his confidence improved and I thought he made some really top quality NFL caliber throws,  By NFL caliber I mean small windows, after watching a ton of college games through the weekend it always amazes me how much smaller the windows are for NFL QB's to aim for and Grossman did an awesome job of squeezing the ball into some tight spaces, without being reckless.  Take out the first quarter and the fumble and this was a really encouraging performance.



I am no expert here, so I am happy to be corrected or argued with, but I Thought our O-Line was pretty awful, especially early.  T-Will got pushed back ALOT and Brown got beaten a few times, but it was the interior of the line that worried me more, we always seemed to be retreating, and remember this was against a D-Line missing Tuck and Osi.  I have real concerns here.  I try to watch just the O-Line on a number of plays and on every replay and it really felt like we got beaten up pretty bad inside.



Really impressed, particularly on the interior of the line.  The 7th Rd pick, Neil or whatever his name is was awesome, not just the 2 sacks tho they are the headline grabber, but he seemed to win his battle everytime, and got real push into the backfield, I thought we dominated their Centre and Guards.  Orakpo was kinda quiet and until the interception I saw very little of Kerrigan, but once he got the TD his confidence lifted and he improved.  Solid performance (yes I'm aware KErrakpo are officially LB's but for this exercise I include them as part of the D-Line or pass rush)



Made some great catches early on Rex's bad throws but then let themselves down by dropping some catches they should have easily taken, especially AA who was average all day.  'Tana was terrific in my opinion and Davis looked great, not just his stats but he just seems leaner and fitter this year than last year.  Is this the case, have their been any storys on this because to me he just looks a lot more athletic than in the past two years.  Gaffney was solid.



Got beat a couple of times on deep balls but generally kept the play in front of them without ever looking threatening or dominant.  Would love your input on these guys cos I really didnt even notice them much, maybe cos Eli didnt test them out to often.


London was awesome, and we generally tackled well wrapping up the ball carrier except for a couple of Arm Tackles that Jacobs shrugged off, one leading to a TD

Running Backs

I though Hightower danced too much but then again the O-Line didnt really open any holes for him, would have liked to have seen more of Helu, but I think the running game just gave us balance to the play calling without much in the way of positive yardage, but again I blame the O-Line more than Hightower and he did well on the TD run to get outside.

Special Teams

My man Sav was awesome, I keep telling you guys about Aussie punters and he was fantastic, and the FG block was huge, Banksy had a couple of decent returns, really really solid Special Teams play all around.



Absolutely loved the call to go for it on 4th down early when we were in the purple zone (too far for FG, but to close to punt) thats the area I always get angry when coaches try to pin teams back with a punt and end up giving away possession for 15 yards of field position when it inevtiably goes into the endzone.  Calamity Haslett who I will admit I am not a fan of called a great game, not being to blitz happy unlike last year and generally keeping the game in front of the secondary. 



Gotta Love the Gold Bikini tops, they looked amazing in HD, some absolute stunners this year.


Anyway no Skins on TV in Australia next week so I will be back to watching arrows go up and down the site, so I hope you dont mind me indulging a rare opportunity to critique the full game.



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