Skins have improved, have the fans improved?


Memo to all Redskin fans out there.  As many of us have seen and talked about just as much, our team has improved, in all 3 phases.  Our coaches, IMO, have improved because of the better personnel.  Our front office has improved. I truly believe that even Dan Snyder has improved.

What about the Redskin fans?

FedEx has never been a scare to visiting teams like RFK was, who's to blame?  We are partially to blame.  Now its time for the fans to improve.  Lets be honest, we have fallen off with the team over the years. Its time for that to change also. The only game that I have been to that was remotely close to the noise and excitement that scares an opposing team was the game immediately following the death of Sean Taylor.  The stadium was energized like I have never seen it.

What can WE do?

1-Dont sell your tickets to opposing fans? This has always been a problem. Scrutinous screening and blood tests may be required to insure that you sell them to true Washington Redskin fans.

2-Get to the stadium early.  This means get INTO the stadium early , not in the parking lot slowly working your way into the stadium. Be in your seats at kickoff and ready to rock and roll

3-Be loud. Be very loud.  I will say it again, be very loud. Get your asses into gear and support the team

4-Wear your Skins gear.  Dont be that guy coming to the game with your polo shirt and khacki's.  Put your effing gear on.  If you dont have any, go buy some.  If you dont have the money, borrow something.  Dont allow anyone to ride with you to the game if they dont have theirs on.

5-Lets all hope that the team makes the visiting team not EVER want to come back. I dont condone violence at all but make sure that visiting team fans NEVER WANT TO COME BACK AGAIN WHEN THEIR TEAM IS IN TOWN.

The team is doing their part, its up to each one of us to do our parts now.

Additional ideas are welcomed.


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