Should the Redskins Have Kept Jason Campbell?

I'm not a Jason Campbell hater; never was(though some acused me of being one).  I was harsh on him in the weeks/months proceeding his departure from DC, but so were a lot of others.  I was just sick of average.  I had seen that movie too many times to have now fallen in love.  I will admit, when the premeir came to the theaters, I was first in line to get my ticket, but the luster wore off for me long before the movie ended. 


Damn, another 12 bucks wasted.

Well in this case, I wasted $150.  Yeah, I was one of the suckers who bought a Campbell jersey.  I hate to admit it now.  It hangs in the back of my closet, next to the old pair of Z Cavaricci's, and my football lettermen jacket from high school.  I thought about taking the ole' seam ripper to it, tearing the numbers off, and turning it into the next latest, greatest Redskin, but two things are missing: 1) I don't have the time or energy(or a seam ripper), and 2) There is no latest, greatest Redskin.  So, to save myself the aggrivation, the jersey remains burried in my closet.


Enter 2011.


I can't believe I'm about to write this, but man would I like to have Jason Campbell, it feels like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. 


I may be suffering from a mild bout of depression.  Maybe my Xanax was substituted for Quaaludes.  I did eat a strange tasting brownie, that my cousin assured me was totally organic, a while ago.  Well, whatever the cause, I stand by my statement in bold.


Jason Campbell provided us with some ups and downs.  He gave us moments to cheer, and moments to simply scratch our heads.  He showed promise one game, only to regress in the next.  He could launch a ball 70 yards downfield, yet miss his target by 10 yards.  He had problems in the clutch.........yada, yada, yada.


Well, look what we have now!  A mental headcase who is prone to throwing more INT's than a stoned Jay Cutler, and a former 2nd round morman, who emerged from the shadows of obscurity(yeah, he hasn't played a meaningful down of football in 3 years), to think he's the next Jonathan "Mox" Moxen.................yeah, we can win states baby!.............................only problem is, we have no Billy Bob blocking up front for him. 


Never have we(as Redskins fans)gone into a season with less hope, at the most important position on the football team.  So, in light of it all, I ask myself, should we have gotten rid of Jason Campbell?


Coming from someone who was equally as harsh a critique in the end, as I was a supporter in the beginning, I say NO.  But, we all know, hindsight is 20/20.


My questions to you, my fellow Redskins fans:

1.) Had we have kept JC, what would our outlook be for the 2011 season(he would be heading into his 7th season)

2.) Even if we had kept JC, would we still be bottom of the barrel in the NFC East?

3.) Even if we had kept JC, would we still be searching for his replacement?

4.) Are we better off without him?

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