Predicting Tuesday’s Redskins 80-man Roster Cuts

Update: HogsHaven has generously offered to reward any reader who successfully guesses the 8 cuts that will take place between now and tomorrow. The prize can be seen here: - Simply write your 8-player guess in the comments section below! Good Luck!

The Redskins have to reduce their roster from 90 to 80 by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday. According to, the Redskins currently have 89 players on the roster (with two of those on the PUP – LaRon Landry and Kareem Moore), and the dismissal of many of those players are obvious to most informed fans. This, then, is an exercise in grabbing the low-hanging-fruit. Here is a look at which players I see will be the first to be cut:

Clint Stitser (K) – Let’s be honest, Graham Gano has this job locked up, and kicker is not a position that we need an extra body for to prevent injury in the final preseason game.

Malcolm Kelly (WR) – Has been injured since he got here 3 years ago. He hasn’t played this preseason, and the front office isn’t going to pay him the near million dollars it would need to in order to put him on IR again this year.

Matt Gutierrez (QB) – He hasn’t seen action in any preseason game, and unlike Ben Chappell, he isn’t likely to go on our practice squad. Therefore, as the 5th QB on a team whose QB cast looks like a gimmicky replacements team, he is probably on his way out soon.

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Isaac Anderson (WR) – For a team with 10 Wide Receivers on the roster, the rookie with no preseason catches or even a single recorded special-teams’ tackle is likely on his way out. The only way he sticks around is if the coaches intend on putting him on the Practice Squad, and choose to cut a different veteran at another position.

Derek Schouman (TE) or Tony Curtis (TE) – Both are 4 year veterans, but neither really has a chance of cracking the final roster. One may reside until the final cuts just to be a 4th preseason game body, but with Rookie Joe Torchia out of UVA available for those duties as well, at least one of these veterans is very likely to be cut. Important note: none of the three (Schouman, Curtis, or Torchia) have registered a catch this preseason.

Xavier Fulton (RG) – To be honest, there are 15 O-linemen on the roster, and Fulton is the only one that I haven’t heard anything (positive or negative) about coming out of Redskins Park. I also think that given that many of the Tackles on the current roster can play inside at Guard, and since an O-lineman is likely to be cut, I think that Fulton may be the odd man out.

Dante Barnes (CB) – The rookie hasn’t recorded a single tackle through the preseason, and with the shining of Brandyn Thompson (rookie 7th round pick) in practice and in preseason, the "other" Barnes CB is likely to be on his way out of DC.

Edgar Jones (OLB) – The 5th year journeyman probably has less upside in the coaches’ minds than even a rookie like Eric McBride out of Richmond. That along with the bringing in of Thaddeus Gibson, Jones is likely to be cut after registering zero tackles on defense or special teams through the preseason.


Jarvis Jenkins (DE) obviously won’t be cut, but he should be moved to the season-ending IR, which would make him not count against the 80-man roster.

I would tend to think that with Jarvis Jenkins’ injury, no other D-Linemen will be cut for the 80-man roster since there was less depth to begin with at those positions versus other skill positions.

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