Reasons why shanallen are perfect for the skins (QB,HB/FB, WR/TE)


1.  THE ELEMENT OF SUPRISE!!!!! Nobody has come close to guessing right what they hell they will do next. Our offense and defense served its purpose last year. Bruce said it when he was hired, we are going to see what we have. How else can you see what we have unless you play what you have. hence last season switch to the 3-4, Zone blocking, and going deep-then-medium-then short pass plays.

I will breakdown each position since 2009 and explain my reasoning as objective as possible.

2009                                                 2010                                                    2011
Jason Cambell                              Donavan Mcnabb                              John Beck
Todd Collins                                  Rex Grossman                                   Rex Grossman
Rich Bartel                                      John Beck                                           Kellen Clemens

Shanallen got here and traded a second-round (37th overall) pick in the 2010 draft and a conditional third- or fourth-round pick in the 2011 draft for Donavan Mcnabb. He also traded 2009 UDFA, Doug Dutch, for a 2nd round 2007 QB (one of the best QB prospects that year), John Beck.   

Without us even knowing, in one off-season, we had the following: an  "all-pro/ potential HOF" QB, a person that already knows the offense, and a project QB. this shows that the front office had a security blanket in place, just in case Mcnabb was not who they thought he was,   so we let him off the hook ( dennis green voice). Mcnabb looked like he didnt grasp the scheme. Now, we have 2 QB's that grasp the scheme. if it does not work, then next year we do what we dit in '10 but draft instead of trade for a QB. then we will have a Project QB  and a QB(s) that grasp the scheme. Sounds like his old Denver teams!

2009                                                   2010                                                     2011
Clinton Portis  (Injured)                  Clinton Portis  (Injured)                     Ryan Torrain (injured)
Rock Cartwright                               Ryan Torrain (injured)                       Tim Hightower
Ladell Betts                                      Andre Brown                                        Roy Helu
Quinton Ganther                             James Davis                                       Evan Royster
P.J. Hill                                             Keiland Williams                                Keiland Williams (RB/FB)
Marcus Mason                                Mike Sellers (FB)                                Darrel Young (FB)
Mike Sellers (FB)                           Darrel Young (FB)                               Mike Sellers (FB/TE)

Shanallen knew what they were getting with portis, but did like they always do, go out and get low-risk/ hi-reward type of players. they cut those players that did not fit the scheme from '09.  They picked up ryan torrain, keiland williams, and darrel young for nothing! Clinton portis gets cut. Now we have 2/3 new HB that fit the system on top of an often injured torrain. All of our HBs were for nothing. We have a power back (torrain and i will say Royster, simply he does not yield negative yards) and speed in hightower and helu. Again, sounds like Denver!

2009                                                    2010                                                       2011
Santana Moss                                  Santana Moss                                       Santana Moss
Randle-El                                          Anthony Armstrong (UDFA)                 Jabar Gaffney
Devin Thomas                                  Joey Gallaway                                        Anthony Armstrong
Malcolm Kelly                                    Roydell Williams                                  Terrance Austin
Marko Mitchell                                   Terrance austin (7th round)                Niles Paul
Chris Cooley (injured)                     Brandon banks  (UDFA)                       stallworth
Fred Davis                                         Cooley                                                      hankerson
Todd Yoder                                         Fred Davis                                              Cooley
                                                              Logan Paulsen (UDFA)                        Davis

If progress is what you like, this and RB progessed leaps and bounds compared to '09. Our #2 from last year is where he should be#3. we have speed and size, route running, playmaking, and hands everywhere. More importently, we are young again.

Tomorrow will be the oline and dline. You may just be surprised!!!!!

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