iH8's Guide to Dealing With the H8ters

Every sports team has a stigma to pair with it's loving fans. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but they never view themselves in the same light as an objective pair of eyes.

Redskins fans, I'm told, are seen as a high-falutin fanbase, confident in the fact that while our team may not always win, we are smarter than most fans.

This comes in very handy when dealing with haters. We've all heard it before, from the custodian in our office who exclaims when you are wearing your favorite Redskins pique polo, "You need to take off dat Deadskins shirt...that thing ugly."

Well, thank you for the fashion advice ol' what's-your-name who has never been west of the Mississippi. Clear cut hater.

At which point you ask him , " Who is starting at right guard for the Cowboys this year?....Oh yeah, that's right you don't know, so don't talk to me."

Redskins fans: Rest assured that your football acumen is higher than most other fans.


Another hater to watch out for. The Pittsburgh Steelers fan who has never been to Pennsylvania.

A real beauty of a hater here. They claim to love the Steelers, hang their hats on the fact that Pittsburgh has six Lombardies. However, they know two players for the Steelers...Roethlisberger and the guy with the long hair.

When the Redskins beat the Steelers unmercifully in the first preseason game, one could simply refer to's comments section to distinguish the Steelers haters from the Redskins scholars.

Comments such as "I ain't even heard of none these dudes playin!" - "Dis ain't nuthin, preseason don't count."

"Where is Harrison?"- It's the 4th quarter of a preseason game you inbred, a star linebacker won't be playing-but you aren't a true fan so you don't really know that.

To deflect these obnoxious comments do what I do: Outsmart them. Fix their grammar. Then after the Redskins win slaughter the haters with a taste of their own medicine. The double negative blast, "You don't know nuthin about that whoopin son." A classic.

Redskins fans, prepare your hater deflection skills, because we will need them this year. I see us winning a lot of games and I see a lot of haters doing what they do best, trying to bring us down.

That is all. HTTR

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