2011 Supplemental Draft Prospects (draft today)

The 2011 Supplemental Draft occurs today (8/22/11). For those of you unfamiliar with the Supplemental Draft, it works like a normal draft (7 rounds), but teams email in what round pick they would be willing to take a player with. The team who bids the lowest round pick on a player, forfits next year’s equivalent pick for that player. For example, during the Zorn era, the Redskins designated Jeremy Jarmon with a 3rd round pick, and as a result, we got him for a 3rd round pick the following year (even though many folks believe he could have been gotten with a 5th-6th round supplemental pick- Thanks Vinny!). Basically the Supplemental Draft works like a Silent Auction of leftover football talent that became ineligible to play in college after they could have declared for the normal NFL draft.

This year, there are 6 players available in the supplemental draft:

(Prospects After the Jump)



Terrelle Pryor (QB, Ohio State)- Obviously the most newsworthy prospect this year, Pryor was a phenomal prospect coming out of high school, and he had mixed success in college. He’s a very mobile quarterback (ran a 4.41 in his pro-day), but has serious accuracy issues. He has said that he would be willing to play at any position that a team asked him to, and realistically he would probably be a better pro-WR than pro-QB since he is incredibly fast for a 6’5” 240lbs. It should also be noted that the commissioner. His projected draft round has been rumored everywhere across the board from round one all the way to round seven.

Caleb King (RB, Georgia)- At 5’11” 215 lbs., King was heavily recruited coming out of high school as well. He didn’t have huge production at UGA, but for a team missing RB depth, he oculd be brought in to share carries with another back. He is projected to either be taken with a seventh round selection or go undrafted.


Michael McAdoo (DE, UNC)- McAdoo (6’6” 248 lbs.) was one of the UNC kids to be suspended all of last season. Further investigation recently left him banned from college. He has potential to develop into a DE in a 4-3 system if he bulks up a bit more and coaches work with him on his rush technique. He is projected as a late round pick.

Tracy Wilson (SS, No. Illinois)- Wilson has a history of injury problems, and that led to mix of production in his college career. He is considered to be a good tackler, but he does not have elite speed. Wilson is the sort of guy who could develop off of a team’s practice squad and potentially be a productive backup in the future. He is projected to either go undrafted or be a late round pick.

Torez Jones (CB, Western Carolina)- Jones’ biggest knock is his size. He is 5’11” and 178 lbs. He is a speedster who can cover well, but his lack of girth makes him easy to shed when he tries to tackle. His talents are not likely to translate well to the pro-game. He is projected to not be drafted in this supplemental draft.

Keenan Mace (DE, Lindenwood)- Mace played a couple years in college, and most recently he was playing in an Indoor Football League. The Dallas Cowboys tried to sign him after the Lockout ended, but Mace had never gone through the draft process, and as such was unable to sign with the team. He is considered a raw 3-4 DE prospect at 6’4” 315lbs., but given the press on this kid from the Cowboys’ interest, it is likely that a team will take a chance on him with a later round pick.


Considering the list of prospects, I would be shocked if the Redskins put a bid in for anyone other than possibly Pryor with a late round pick or Mace with a 7th rounder. To be honest, I figure they will likely pass on everyone. If you were Bruce Allen, who would you most want from the 2011 Supplemental Draft?

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