Roster Battles: Wide Receiver

"It says here guys that this John Beck guy is from BYU, graduated in '07, but he's 30 years old. And he was on that 1-15 Dolphins team! Haha this guy could never back up Peyton the way we do!"

Wide receiver is still the most compelling training camp battle going on in Ashburn right now, in my opinion. Friday night was "Round Two" for these guys to battle out for a position spot. Here are our rankings from last week going into the game against the Colts:

1. Santana Moss
2. Jabar Gaffney
3. Anthony Armstrong
4. Terrence Austin
5. Brandon Banks
6. Donte Stallworth
7. Leonard Hankerson
8. Niles Paul
9. Aldrick Robinson
10. Malcolm Kelly
11. Isaac Anderson
Previous Week's article can be read HERE

So lets examine how the WR corps stacks up after Friday nights game.

Santana Moss (NC/10): Moss had one catch for 13 yards. He really wasn't targeted that much.

Jabar Gaffney (NC/7): Similar story to Moss, had one catch for 19 yards.

Anthony Armstrong (NC/7): Trend continued for another guy that has a spot locked up. Armstrong had one catch for 9 yards.

Terrence Austin (UP/7): Austin had another solid night catching the ball, in total he had three receptions for 23 yards. Most importantly he is making some fans forget about Brandon Banks and becoming a valuable asset in the return game, he even rattled off a 29 yard punt return.

Leonard Hankerson (UP/6): It seemed like the plan was to pound Hankerson with balls this week and give him a chance to redeem himself. His night started off shaky with a couple of drops, but Hankerson was then able to reel in three catches across the middle for 46 yards.  Those stats were good enough to make him the Skins top receiver for the game. Hopefully Hankerson's upward trend will continue this week against the Ravens.

Niles Paul (UP/6): Paul's role dramatically increased this past week. He wasn't able to contribute in the passing game, but flashed some value in the return game taking a punt back 20 yards. He showed he's a threat with the ball in his hands and hopefully we'll get to see a little more of him in the coming weeks.


Donte Stallworth (NC/5): Stallworth had a pretty quiet game Friday, but he did make one catch for 23 yards. He'll have to step it up against his old team this week to solidify a roster spot.

Brandon Banks (DOWN/5): Banks had to be frustrated while watching the game from home this weekend. Terrence Austin and Niles Paul looked solid in the punt return game and the Redskins had NO kick returns, courtesy of Pat McAfee.

Aldrick Robinson (DOWN/1): Robinson was non-existent Friday night and he may be as good as gone, or maybe on the practice squad at the very least.

Malcolm Kelly (NC/1): Kelley remains our most consistent preseason participant over the past three years. He did a good job of sitting at home and watching TV.

Isaac Anderson (NC/1): If you saw a bald guy milling around the sidelines wearing a jersey number in the eighties and kept saying "Who is that guy?", it was Anderson.

Charles Mann (DOWN DOWN DOWN/1): Could of been the most brutal/awkward sideline reporting in the history of football. Charles you need to step your game up if you get another crack in Week 4 vs. Tampa Bay.

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