ESPN what are your top 5 Redskins plays from last year?

As many of you have probably seen, ESPN has been highlighting the top 5 plays of each NFL team from last year. Our beloved/hated Skins will soon be highlighted in this regard, but I am firm in my belief that ESPN sucks and would much rather hear what your top 5 plays were from last year.

I know the season was far from perfect, but there were more than a few highlights from which to select. This is clearly a subjective endeavor, so feel free to choose Haynesworth's planking against the Iggles in our MNF debacle or any number of DNabb's assassination attempts on Mr. Lumbricus Terrestris. Personally, I prefer to focus on the positive. My picks after the jump.

#5 - I'm a sucker for big hits from blue collar workhorses. To that end, there may be no more beautiful sight than LoAx and Mike Sellers rumbling down the field on kick coverage. My 5th favorite play from last year goes to Mr. Alexander for his utter and complete anihilation of Jorrick Calvin. As if it weren't bad enough that Calvin had to live in the land of trannies, vaporized feces, steakums, and ugly women, Lorenzo added injury to insults by permanently melding his sternum to his vertebrae. 270 lbs. have never looked so sexy.

#4 - In the upset of the year for the Redskins, our men (note that they are not "Boys") took down the eventual champion Green Bay Packers 16-13 in the only game I missed all year. I was the best man in my friend Kevin's wedding on that fateful day, giving what I can only assume was an excellent toast after multiple shots of moonshine...ahhh, West Virginia. One could argue that our MVP in that game was the left upright, but my favorite play goes to Mr. LaRon Landry. On 10/10/10 (which equals 30), Landry hit the jackpot in overtime when he jumped a Greg Jennings route, dove, reached behind his body, and made a one-handed rolling interception to set up Graham Gano's game winning field goal (read: what?).

#3 - I have a love/hate relationship with Brandon Banks. I love the fact that he is the size of a cockapoo, but has the speed of an RCN rep...super cheetah fast. I hate that much of his fanbase in DC is reminiscent of the Loyal Order of Brennanites. However, there is nothing to hate about my pick for 3rd best Skins play last year. On Halloween, BB clearly decided to go as the Flash, setting a Redskins record with 271 total return yards against the Lions...this despite having a 95 yard TD sprint negated by a dumbass penalty by Reed Doughty. However, the play that stands out was his 96 yarder that deafened the crowd in attendance when he broke the sonic barrier. While Washington did not win the game, Banks' performance...and rendition of the John Wall dance...gave Skins fans one hell of a show.

#2 - Prior to purchasing season tickets for last year, the last Redskins game I attended was when a 9 year old Jim America watched an overtime victory the day after Christmas in 1987 against the Wade Wilson led Minnesota Vikings. In my first game back on Week 1, the Redskins had quite a gift in store. My 2nd favorite play was the iconic ending to the first half when Tashard Choice fumbled with the clock running out and DeAngelo Hall took it to the house, leading to the sweetest victory of the year in which we scored zero offensive touchdowns. We all remember the play, so I'll leave it at that. Sidenote: the d-bag Dallas fan that was sitting next to me all game ended up getting his ass beat and then kicked out of the stadium on the last play of the game. As he was escorted out, he turned around in defiance, celebrating Roy Williams' seemingly game winning TD catch. All of section 219 responded in unison, shouting "flag on the play!". How sweet it was...

#1 - Pro Bowl MVP DeAngelo Hall is undoubtedly overrated as an NFL CB. However, there is no denying that the dude makes plays. My favorite play last year comes from a game in which Hall made too many of these plays to count. On October 25, 2010, Hall tied an NFL record with 4 interceptions against the Chicago Bears' emotionally fragile signal caller, Jay Cutler. However, only one of these picks defied the laws of physics. Late in the 3rd quarter with the Skins down 14-10, Jay Cutler's ego threw a pass off his back foot in the direction of a streaking Johnnie Knox. Hall jumped the route and made a leaping one-handed pick before racing 92 yards for the pick 6. The catch was ridiculous, combining the leaping ability of Shawn Kemp in his prime and the glue-covered hands of every bored 3rd grade student in art class. My mind, much like Tony Romo's penis in a crowd full of Dallas fanboys, remains blown.

These are my selections, but I want to hear from you. Which plays from this past year made you, however briefly, proud to be a Redskins fan?

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