What """Tanking""" Really Means

Most of our major FA moves have probably been made. The D is in pretty solid shape, although another 1-2 depth players wouldnt hurt. OL has been started, and will probably garner 1-2 more moves.  The only real questionable spot left is QB.

Some people are calling for VY, some for others, while some (including me), say don't sign any more QBs.  Some of us who are calling for Beck/Grossman are saying it because it will net us a better draft pick come next offseason (while others are saying its because they know the offense better than anyone else will be able to learn in a month).

Those of us who support Beck/Grossman for the sake of the draft position have become to be ragged on for wanting our team to "tank." While there might be some truth to this, I disagree with the word "tank." I think my thought process is different than what most people would call tanking, and therefore want to throw it out there for discussion.

Tanking usually refers to purposefully, and completely, failing. Going 0-16, 1-15. That's not what I want or expect. I also don't want us to go out of our way to make ourselves suck.

Everyone can tell we are in the middle of a youth movement. We've ditched Daniels, Rabach, Kemo, Haynesworth, McNabb, and whoever else I have forgotten. We drafted for youth and depth, netting a handful of promising players in even the middle rounds (Paul, Robinson). Finally the Redskins are rebuilding, and not patching. However, rebuilding with youth takes time. It has growing pains, and it doesnt mean success right away.

So this position we are left at is that we have/can/are making improvements accross the board to this whole team. Positions are being filled with youth and players of character. Even if we had Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, we wouldn't be making the playoffs.

Because of that, the question I ask you is, what does someone like Vince Young, or another average to above average FA QB, do for us long term?

Does he win us an extra 2 games this season? Sure, maybe.

Does he maybe help the receivers and offense gel a bit quicker? Possible, but not to any massive or significant degree.

Is he a long term solution? No

Does he get us a draft pick 5 picks lower than if we went with Beck/Grossman? Probably

If we go with some average FA QB, we are going to end up middle of the pack in the draft. Then we will be right where we were this year. Not in the runnings for any top ranked QB. Then do we make a stretch for someone? What if they don't pan out? What if they don't beat our average incumbent QB in camp competition? What if they take 3 years to develop?

We will be right where we have been for the past 5 years. Stuck in QB mediocrity.

I would never suggest ditching good players, or botching gameplans.

I will however opt NOT to go get something that we dont already have, which will provide limited short term value, when instead we are capable as fans of suffering for one more season, in order for better long term value. And I would argue that despite the losses, which will suck, I would still enjoy watching the youth movement.

Do I plan on going 0-16 for Luck? No

If Jones goes in the 2-4 pick do I think Beck/Grossman will land us there? Probably not either. But they will put us in pick 5-8, from where, if our coaches deem appropriate, we are capable of trading up for Landry Jones, or getting whoever is ranked QB #3.

In Beck I trust. Nothing can go worse than it already has.

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