Schedule Provides Hope (pity about the roster)

I was just looking at the schedule for us this year and the season opens very well for us to build some momentum and maybe kick start a suprising season (tho with Beck-Grossman-Clemens I have very little hope at all)


But assuming we get somewhat competent play from them and the rest of the roster starts to over-perform we could conceivably be above .500 around week 7


Wk 1    GIANTS     Our recent history is awful, but maybe that means we are due (probable loss)

Wk 2    ARIZONA   Even if they get Kolb, I beleive he is the most overrated QB in the league, I watched him last year for all his starts, he was often terrible, and if they dont get Kolb, CleBeckMan will have their one game of the year where they are the superior QB   (WIN)

Wk 3   @ DALLAS  Orakpo will abuse Free and the D may carry us to a win (WIN)

Wk 4    @ STL          Another very average team, the NFC West coming up on the Sched may save the Shanahans (WIN)

Wk 5   BYE

Wk 6   PHILI           Best team in our division, a probably heavy loss (painful to say, but true)

Wk 7   @ Carolina  Again a very average team, even if Newton is more Vick than JaMarcus he will not be great straight away and they have a roster with nearly as many holes as ours (WIN)


So as you can see after 6 weeks we should be 3-3 and with a bit of luck could be 4-2. 


Momentum is the most undervalued commodity in sports, with it confidence grows and suddenly a suprising season can grow with it.  With Buffalo and San Fran to follow Carolina even if the Eagles do give us a beatdown we have a cushy 3 game stretch to follow it that should get our confidence back.  Once you are 6-3 or 7-2 at the midpoint confidence and momentum will steal you another win, and boom, your basically in the playoffs.


One question, is this 100% wishful thinking or just 95% dreaming

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