My Frustration never ends

G'day All


Sorry I have been away for a while, but the lockout angered me on a number of levels, number one, I planned to come and visit you all this September, but the lockout meant I could not plan my holiday far enough in advance so I have had to postpone it until next year, so my pathetic protest was not logging into or posting about the lockout.  But now its over I'm back.


Anyway my frustration grew this morning when I saw an article saying that Jamaal Brown was a Free Agent.


This means that as far as I can tell this was what Shanahan did in his first year.


Gave away pick 37 in a particularly deep draft

Gave away our 3rd and 4th Round picks in a draft that was lacking at the top end, but accoring to the 'experts' had good depth in the mid rounds.  (Forget the moves made to get those picks back the facts are we lost those picks)


And what did we get in return


A 6-10 season and now the two players we gave away the treasure trove for are gone, so basically we gave away 3 key building blocks for the future to get a 6-10 season, and on top of that gave away a perfectly competent QB in Jason Campbell for a 4th rd pick in 2012 (I believe)


I am so angry about this, particularly when you consider we switched to a 3-4 meaing we desperately needed those picks to fill the gaping holes in our defence, plus we needed wideouts and well, basically every position except Tight End, Left Tackle and Strong Safety.


So annoyed, I just feel like the pain will never end.


Please tell me why I should have hope this year, becauase with the BEck/Grossman QB competition and the gaping holes all over the roster, coupled with a Football Department that seems to be in a crazy win now mode and unprepared to do the long term planning for the future I just see 3 more years of below .500 seasons.


I would love nothing more than to be wrong, can someone tell me why I am

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