What Numbers Will Our New Players be Wearing?

It's always fun to project what numbers the rookies will choose(obviously based on availability), or in the case of a high round pick, some 50k of that signing bonus could go to the incumbant to aquire their jersey number. 


I wanted to take some guesses as to which numbers our prospects will be sporting this season.

Ryan Kerrigan(college # - 94) - Adam Carriker wears #94, and I don't see him giving that number up. 

Options -  91 - I can't see Holliday being brought back, so my top choice would be his old number.

                   55 - Not my favorite #, but he could show his true LB side by selecting in the 50's(ala Seau)


Jarvis Jenkins(college # - 99) - I will assume Jarvis goes for #99 with the skins; it only make sense, and it is available.


Leonard Hankerson(college # - 85) - 85 make the most sense here, and I don't think there is a chance in hell Mike Furrey comes back.

Options -  88 - He has drawn comparisons to Irvin, and he could erase memories of what #88 did to us over the years, but doing the same thing to the Cowboys.  They also are both from The U. 


Roy Helu(college # - 10) - NFL RB's are not allowed to wear #'s in the teens, so I look for him to switch to a number in the 20's or 30's(40's are just plain ugle for a RB).

Options -   21 - This in one of my favorite #'s for a RB.  I love to see him in it.

                    28 - Another sweet RB # (IMO)


Dejon Gomes(college # - 7) - DB's have to be in the 20's, 30's or 40's, so no #7 for him here.

Options -  27 - I love my DB's in the 20's, so this make sense. 


Niles Paul(college # - 24) - Man, I love 88 for this kid, plus, I think we already have enough WR's in the teens.

Options -  88 - He would look like a beast in this #

                   84 - Strong number too(actually, I'll take that back.  Galloway wore it)

                   14 - Maybe he decides to drop ten. 


Evan Royster(college # - 22) - Unless Rogers leaves, Royster will have to find a new number.  zi say he sticks in the 20's

Options -  22(if Rogers leaves)

                   28 - He could follow in the number of the RB whos record he broke at PSU


Aldrick Robinson(college # - 24) -  As a smaller WR, I could likely see him going in the teens.

Options  -  14 - Keep the 4, decrease by 10.  Makes sense.

                    84 - He may want to wear something in the 80's


Brandyn Thompson(college # - 13)  -  Does it really matter?

Options  -  whatever is left


Maurice Hurt(college # - 74)  -  Heyer wears #74, so unless he is released, Hurt will have to look elsewhere.

Options  -  70 - #70 is kinda sweet. 

                    55 - I like G's in the 50's


Markus White(college # - 98)  -  Yeah, good luck getting 98 from Rak

Options -  Whatever's available in the 50's or 90's


Chris Nield(college # - 90) -  Jarmon is wearing #90, so I don't think Nield is getting that.  He has to stay in the 90's though.

Options -   96 - He could take this number if Kemo is gone(which we all hope is the case)

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