I am by no means saying we should re-sign him, but...

Even I think that some folks here have been a little harsh on C.Portis lately, and I tend to be pretty critical of #26 myself.

      On effort. He gave it to us. His went through a lot with this organization. He showed up in a big time trade at a time of massive organizational confusion. Then Joe Gibbs came along, takes one look at him and says "OK, you are my John Riggins, you ready?".....and proceeded to pound him to the line, over and over again for years. I give him props for that. (Both of them actually)

     Then came Zorn, and madness ensued. I believe Zorn's plan was to start his tenure playing "Redskins Football" while he slowly implemented his own system. So we started 6-2, Portis was the leading rusher in the NFL, and getting MVP talk.....then Zorn's offense reared it's ugly head. We started throwing the ball on 1st down ALL the time. CP got like 16 carries against the Cowboys #2 that year, and he was the leading rusher in the NFL, WTF!!

>>>>The majority of you are probably too young to have worked at a job for a long time, then after a while you find yourself working with a good team, shit is getting done, and you are enjoying going to work again.......Then a new "boss" shows up and he completely fucks everything up because he is incompetent....but trust me it sucks....a lot.....this also plays into going over your bosses head and directly to the owner. Doesn't make it right, but I can understand where the compulsion came from.

     On practice habits.I am a stickler for this one, in general....but, RB's take a beating, and might have the easiest playbook on the offense (depending on the OL scheme), but there aren't as many nuances in CP's playbook, he doesn't need as many reps.


      On character. I have said "I just don't like him." many times. That is inaccurate as I have never met him. I don't like the way represents himself to the media, or, more to the point, I don't like the way he represents the Washington Redskins. I didn't like the "characters", I found them embarrassing. I might have been able to enjoy it more if it wasn't so directly related to the organization, and the games in particular. Lombardi would have beat him with his cane if he saw that kind of crap going on.

      On competition, you can't give this guy any flack for wanting to come back and play against's the way he should be. He is looking for work...we just cut him. If I got "fired" and had a chance to show my ex-bosses that they made a mistake and show my friends, that still worked there that had some whup-ass left   I would be all over that opportunity as well.

I would be fine with him retiring a Redskin, and even getting his name in the Ring, if thats what he wants.

I hope he gets a gig somewhere in the AFC and does very well for a few more years. I think that there are teams he can be productive for, just not us.

Good Luck Mr. Portis,

I talk a lot os shit, but I love ya like Redskin!!

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