The draft we should have had.

Yes, we got lots of players in the draft this year, but did we get the best players? This is what I would have done with the allotment of picks the Redskins had this year.

1.16 Ryan Kerrigan OLB

I really like this pick and think he was the best player available. We would not have made it if we didn't know for certain he can at least be competent in coverage.

2.41 Rodney Hudson C

Rabach was a disaster this year. This is our new center.

3.79 Leonard Hankerson WR

Again, we took the BPA who also happens to fill the need of a bigger WR.

4.127 Rashad Carmichael CB

I thought the Helu trade was useless as he probably would have been available at 127 anyways and we lost 2 5's in the process. I end up taking the actual 127th pick. This is our nickel CB next year with the potential to be more.

5.144 Dion Lewis RB

We needed a RB to split time with ATV. Lewis is my personal preference but Jaquizz Rodgers, Royster, and possibly even Helu(a lot of mocks had him available here) are alternatives.This pick was added by not trading up for Helu.

5.146 Jason Pinkston RT

Another OL to add to the mix and ensure we never hear the name Stephon Heyer again.

5.152 Jerrell Powe NT

A monster of a man who would see game action right away. Another result of not making the Helu Jr. trade.

6.177 Greg Jones ILB

Slipping only due to size, he becomes the heir apparent to the player he most resembles; London Fletcher.

7.213 Lee Ziemba OT

More OL to become a solid backup in time.

7.217 Da'rell Scott RB

A burner who adds depth to the backs.

7.224 Greg Romeus OLB

He was a DE at Pitt but is too talented to pass up here and becomes a pet project for Haslett.

7.253 Pat Devlin QB

He might never be more than a 3rd stringer but he provides good value and a need as the second to last pick of the draft.


There it is. Our D adds a pass rush and improves significantly at nickel CB and NT. Our OL is revamped and Shanahan and the fan base get four shiny, new toys at the skill positions.

Is this an improvement on our actual results? What would you have done differently?

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